Marguerite Christenson

Marguerite Christenson, SUDP, MBA, CPC


Marguerite Christenson works at Royal Life Centers in Lacey, Washington as a SUDP-certified therapist. In 2003, she graduated from Central Washington University with a BA in Family Studies. After, Marguerite obtained a LA MBA from the University of Phoenix. Following her education, she has worked in a number of therapy settings. Her main focus is on trauma-informed care with a client-centered approach. Clients use an eclectic toolbox of techniques alongside her during treatment, including Seeking Safety, Wellbriety, Resource Management, Community-Reinforcement, and Family Systems Theory. She assists our visitors at The Haven, our inpatient facility, and Sound Recovery, our 12-week aftercare program. When someone has that “Ah-ha” moment when it comes to SUD and its underlying difficulties, Marguerite Christenson is ecstatic.

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