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Activities & Games

At Royal Life Centers, we believe having fun in recovery can be a very therapeutic process. By adopting new hobbies and engaging with their peers, our guests make self-discoveries and develop interpersonal relationships. Ultimately building the skills needed to create and maintain a strong, sober network—long after they leave our care.

Many of the activities offered to guests at our detox center correlate with our activity therapy programming. Guests can create art or journal, both strongly encouraged by our addiction therapists. Art therapy, which might include painting, sculpting, or traditional drawing/coloring, can promote the expression of unconscious feelings and thoughts. Writing down thoughts and feelings can help with stress and anxiety management and can serve as a good coping mechanism for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Additional activities include video games, watching tv and movies, outdoor games, board games, and ping pong.

"Our guests learn to create and maintain a strong, sober network. Because We Care."
Through participation in a variety of activities and games, our guests can kick back and let loose a bit. Re-learning how to relax and have fun can help guests get into the habit of living in the present moment. This is an important principle in several therapeutic approaches used in substance abuse treatment. We understand that guests might prefer to use the time allotted for activities and games to receive additional support. For this reason, we allow guests to schedule an extra meeting time with their therapists or case managers between groups. The guest always comes first at Royal Life Centers, so we consistently do our best to accommodate and anticipate guests’ needs. Royal Life Centers at the Haven strives to offer guests the best in all aspects of substance abuse treatment. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about our programs and services. Please reach out to us at 888-568-5998. Because We Care.

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