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Residential Inpatient Program

Quality residential inpatient programs provide comprehensive clinical care centered on evidence-based practices and holistic approaches. Each aspect within your individualized treatment plan ensures that our team of addiction specialists prioritizes your unique needs and goals in recovery. 

As you transition out of medical detox, our residential inpatient program provides structure, guidance, and stability to help you maintain your newfound sobriety. Our addiction treatment professionals offer intensive therapeutic care to help you build a foundation of healthy coping skills and accountability.

Residential Inpatient Program

What Is a Residential Inpatient Program for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Our residential inpatient programs offer a safe and supportive living environment where individuals can focus on their recovery from substance abuse. They provide around-the-clock supervision and care, enabling guests to receive the treatment and support they need in a therapeutic setting. Guests benefit from daily individual and group therapy, as well as educational classes, recreational activities, and other wellness services tailored to build lasting sobriety. 

A residential program is often the best option for individuals with severe addictions or individuals who have failed at outpatient treatment in the past. In an inpatient program, individuals have access to a variety of resources not available in an outpatient setting to help them gain new life skills while healing both emotionally and physically.

We are committed to helping our guests realize that recovery is not only possible but also incredibly rewarding.  With the right care and support, addiction can be overcome and a life of lasting sobriety achieved.  Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized treatment for each guest and will continue to provide them with the resources they need in order to make a successful recovery.  We are confident that with our help, each of our guests can achieve their potential in sobriety and truly thrive.  

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we can help. Contact Royal Life Centers today for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you begin your journey toward recovery. Because We Care.

Inpatient Treatment Highlights

residential inpatient program

Inpatient Services at The Haven

Royal Life Centers at the Haven Detox, we understand the challenges that come with addiction and provide compassionate care to those seeking help. Our residential detox program is designed to support clients on their journey to a life of wellness and sobriety. We provide comprehensive care and holistic therapies, such as meditation and yoga to help manage withdrawal symptoms.

During inpatient treatment, we offer rehabilitation services including intensive therapies and education about substance abuse and mental health. Throughout treatment, guests participate in individual and group therapy sessions to help them identify underlying issues that may have contributed to their substance use. Our holistic services offer relaxation techniques that support our clients over the long term, so they can continue to stay on a path of emotional and physical health.

All of our residential treatment services assist our clients in achieving recovery from drugs and alcohol. We offer a safe and supportive environment, with 24/7 monitoring, and access to a full range of amenities. Our goal is to provide the best care possible so our clients can make a successful transition from treatment to ongoing recovery. 

Recovery from drugs and alcohol is not easy. Without professional assistance, those attempting to overcome a substance use disorder may struggle to cope with cravings, triggers, and self-doubt that stand in the way of sustainable sobriety.

What Happens During Residential Inpatient?

Our holistic detox approach efficiently treats both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with substance detox. Guests begin working with a primary therapist and a case manager as soon as they enter treatment, as well as medical and nursing care. Many of our employees have gone through the recovery process, making them valuable resources for our visitors and instilling hope at a vulnerable time in their recovery.

Alongside our medical team, therapists and case managers assist our guests with a wide range of concerns, including family, housing, and legal issues. Our talented chef makes three meals every day, and our kitchen is supplied with snacks and beverages with around-the-clock access. Additionally, we provide a variety of activities, spacious guest suites, and monitored outside spaces where guests may enjoy the fresh air and stunning Pacific Northwest vistas.

We have medical personnel on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our clinical team is on-site seven days a week. Although we staff the finest medical professionals, we are proud to practice within a facility that does not reflect the cold and sterile environment found in a typical hospital. Royal Life Centers at the Haven, on the other hand, offers an intimate atmosphere with a focus on individualized care.

On another note, our guest’s relatives can receive regular updates on their loved ones’ treatment progress if they sign a release. No matter how delicate the circumstance, the staff strives to maintain an open channel of communication between the two. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or a loved one has any queries about our medical detox program.

The Benefits of a Residential Inpatient Program for Substance Abuse Treatment

A residential inpatient program for substance abuse treatment offers the most comprehensive approach to addiction recovery. This type of program provides around-the-clock care and support for individuals struggling with addiction. Guests can benefit from continuous supervision, providing a safe and supportive environment to work through the complex challenges of recovery. Similarly, these programs foster accountability through frequent drug testing and a sense of structure that keeps guests focused on their recovery goals.  

With a consistent schedule, group therapy sessions, and access to individualized counseling, they are able to gain the skills they need to build a healthy lifestyle free from substance abuse. Residential inpatient programs also allow individuals to step away from stressful situations or triggers that could bring about relapse.

The comprehensive care offered by residential inpatient programs provides guests with a well-rounded recovery plan tailored specifically to their needs. Guests are surrounded by positive peers who are invested in their success and have trained staff available 24/7 to provide help during difficult moments. This holistic approach ensures that each guest can fully address the physical, mental, and emotional sides of their condition while on the road to lasting sobriety.

Residential Treatment Services For Substance Abuse

Our residential inpatient treatment program for substance abuse provides guests with the best possible chance of success in overcoming their addiction. During a residential program, guests have access to round-the-clock care from a team of experienced professionals. This team includes therapists, nurses, and doctors who work together to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses all of the factors contributing to the guest’s addiction. 

Our residential inpatient services include:

Inpatient care is often essential for those with a substance use disorder. A residential inpatient program helps guests to distance themselves from their exposure to drugs and alcohol. Not only that, residential care teaches you ways to cope with potential encounters once you have completed treatment.

The goal of our residential inpatient program is to give each guest the tools they need to set up long-term sobriety. After completing our residential program, guests maintain their connections with helpful resources such as support groups and addiction counselors to ensure sustained recovery.

Addiction Therapy Services in Residential Inpatient

All of our inpatient guests benefit from individual therapy and group therapy sessions to gain new insights into their condition. Through this holistic approach, individuals can better understand their addictive behaviors and how they can be changed to support a healthier lifestyle. 

In order to maximize long-term recovery, guests will also have access to evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Behavioral therapy helps individuals identify and modify negative thought patterns that may be fueling their addiction. We offer our research-based therapy offerings alongside other treatments like relapse prevention planning and life skills training to help guests adopt healthy behaviors when they leave the facility.

Our residential inpatient treatment also incorporates expressive therapies like music therapy in our in-house recording studio, Sober Studios. From yoga and fitness to nutritional meals, we ensure that as one of our guests, you are provided with a foundation of health to build off of for the rest of your life in recovery.

Self-Assessment: Am I Addicted?

"Royal Life Centers at The Haven understands that the motivations behind substance use disorders vary and touch on genetics, as well as mental health issues of all kinds."

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Residential Inpatient Program
in Washington State

Washington state is home to a wealth of comprehensive residential inpatient programs designed to help people with substance use disorders (SUDs) find recovery and improve their lives. 

As one of Royal Life Centers’ residential inpatient programs in Washington State, we provide a safe and supportive environment, where trained medical and mental health professionals work with guests to build individualized treatment plans that meet their unique needs. 

Our team is built of experienced medical professionals who provide expert care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More than anything, we make it our priority to provide the highest quality of medical, clinical, and personal support to each guest as they progress through the early stages of recovery. We incorporate our motto, “Because We Care,” throughout every modality and approach in our residential inpatient program.

The combination of therapy, education, and other treatments helps our guests identify underlying issues and build important life skills. Programs may also provide the structure and support needed to help individuals develop positive coping strategies to prevent relapse.

In addition to clinical treatments, comprehensive residential inpatient programs offer an array of supportive services designed to help individuals make a successful transition into recovery.  These services can include activities, holistic services, life skills training, and various amenities to help individuals become re-engaged in life. We strive to create an environment that supports healing and encourages positive change.

What Happens After Residential Treatment?

Once you’ve successfully completed treatment in our residential inpatient program, we will work with you to develop an aftercare plan tailored to your unique needs and goals. This plan may include continuing care in our aftercare program where you can continue to heal in intensive therapy sessions, addiction education courses, and recovery support meetings. Each program in our full continuum of care works to ensure that you have the tools and resources to live a healthy, sober life.

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At Royal Life Centers at The Haven, we understand the difficulty involved in overcoming addiction and maintaining sobriety. The physical and emotional toll of withdrawal often extends out into early recovery, making the need for support and encouragement integral to long-lasting recovery. While detox is the first step on the road to recovery, residential inpatient continues your journey at a healthy pace. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and in need of inpatient treatment, please reach out to us at any time at 888-568-5998. We will offer you the guidance you need to successfully work through the earliest stages of recovery surrounded by supportive, experienced clinicians.  Because We Care.

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