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Adventure Therapy Program

Adventure therapy is an innovative approach to rehab that focuses on healing a guest’s connection to themselves, their peers, and the environment around them. As a multifaceted form of therapy, it can be used to help those struggling with addiction or who want to enliven their recovery journey with thought-provoking experiential activities.

Adventure therapy is an immensely rewarding addition to a holistic treatment program that offers an exciting and meaningful path to recovery. Individuals can gain a greater sense of self-awareness by participating in nature-based excursions and team-building activities that engage the mind, body, and spirit during an adventure therapy program in rehab.

What Is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy, which is sometimes called wilderness therapy or nature-based therapy, is an active model of group therapy that places individuals in stimulating outdoor environments. It’s based on the idea that learning comes from hands-on work or experiences. All experiential healing practices stem from the concept “learning by doing, with reflection” that Michael A. Gass, PhD coined in his article on the subject in 1993. People in adventure therapy must immediately work towards a goal they can meet, which leads to feelings of accomplishment and self-sufficiency. 

Generally, these adventure therapy activities are challenging outdoor pursuits that require people to engage their senses and tap into their physical and mental capabilities. However, the experience isn’t purely physically and emotionally stimulating, but also psychologically cognitive. Equally as important as the physical nature of the therapy is the reflection that counselors walk guests through before, during, and after the activities.

Adventure therapy counselors are present during the events to lead attendees in understanding the deeper implications of the activities and encourage them in their abilities. Yet, wilderness therapy cultivates self-reliance. This makes it a valuable therapy option for people dealing with substance abuse. Why? Addiction often brings with it feelings of helplessness and shame from being trapped in a vicious cycle of dependency. Nature therapy teaches life skills and coping abilities as part of Aftercare treatment for addiction. At the same time, activities simply feel exciting, fun, and immediately rewarding. 

The end result of the combination of physical activities and psychological exercises is personal growth that spans throughout one’s mind, spirit, and body.

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Adventure Therapy Groups

Adventure therapy gives participants a chance to learn new skills as well as practice existing ones in a supportive environment. These activities also provide an opportunity for individuals to have fun while exploring their own personal strengths and weaknesses. Through the use of wilderness settings, adventure therapy groups help build an individual’s sense of self-confidence and trust in themselves.

Adventure therapy group activities take multiple forms, including:

All of these activities encourage guests to bond with their teammates in a shared, but still highly individual, purpose. Honing such skills brings a strong sense of satisfaction and self-knowledge. 

Adventure therapy also provides an opportunity for guests to experience the outdoors and become more aware of the natural world around them. The combination of physical activity and nature exploration can be very beneficial, allowing individuals to gain a greater appreciation for the environment. Adventure therapy can be a great way to break up the monotony of everyday life and get out of one’s comfort zone. 

What Is The Difference Between Adventure Therapy and Traditional Addiction Therapy?

Traditional group and individual therapies are a core component of recovery from substance use disorder (SUD). Therapy sessions allow people to dig down and grow in their self-awareness. Attending therapy with a licensed substance abuse counselor is particularly helpful in identifying the root cause of an addiction and defining personal motivations for maintaining sobriety. 

Throughout treatment for substance abuse, therapy fosters resilience when tackling new challenges and coping with difficult memories, triggers, and cravings. It is important to remember that there are multiple methods of therapeutic treatment that promote healing in recovery.

Often, people struggling with addictions can benefit from individual and group therapy sessions but may be less receptive to traditional 12-step meetings and one-on-one settings. This is why complementary treatment services such as experiential therapy are beneficial during drug and alcohol rehab. 

By providing a more holistic approach to healing, experiential therapies engage the mind, body, and soul during the therapeutic process. One such experiential therapy is adventure therapy, which allows individuals to release stress, work with peers in group therapy settings, and connect to themselves in a deeper way.

How Can Adventure Therapy Help in Recovery?​

Adventure therapy has been found to be a highly effective treatment for addiction and mental health issues. It combines physical challenges with intense personal exploration and insight, allowing participants to gain self-esteem and build relationships that can last a lifetime. In addition to the physical benefits of adventure therapy, the emotional and spiritual benefits can also be profound.

By engaging in experiential therapy activities, guests gain a sense of connection with themselves and with others. Participants learn to take risks without fear and build self-confidence while discovering new talents.

Adventure therapy also promotes problem-solving skills and encourages creative thinking. By pushing their physical and emotional boundaries, guests can gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world around them. For this reason, adventure therapy can be an incredibly powerful tool for discovering new aspects of oneself and overcoming addiction. It is one way that The Haven Detox provides guests with a holistic approach to recovery.

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What to Expect in Adventure Therapy

In nature therapy outings, trained therapy facilitators incorporate challenging exercises into the agenda to promote new skills. You can expect the activities to be thrilling and enjoyable. Wilderness therapy is a great way to help the development of regular exercise routines you can take with you after you leave Royal Life Centers, so expect the benefit of physical wellness along the way. 

You will also learn cognitive and regulative skills you’ll take with you once you complete your outpatient treatment. For instance, kayaking in adventure therapy is an excellent team-fostering sport that allows people to cross a great amount of beautiful terrain. Adventure-based ropes courses also assist in honing self-reliance and survival skills.

A key requirement of adventure group therapy is the personal desire to succeed. Adventure therapy is an effective therapeutic offering, especially in the aftercare portion of treatment. As you progress through the later stages of treatment and recovery, you will be ready to take your healing into your own hands and hold yourself accountable outside of an inpatient setting.

Since recreational activities require whole-body drive and focus, they provide restorative benefits for those in recovery.  While these groups are beneficial during treatment, guests also receive the training and experience they need to continue these activities outside of treatment with peers in the recovery community.

Adventure Therapy at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers at The Haven is proud to offer adventure therapy as a part of our comprehensive treatment for individuals in recovery from substance use disorders and mental health issues. Throughout treatment, our adventure therapy counselors cultivate a safe, supportive environment where guests can work on building their self-confidence. These exciting experiences not only aid in the recovery process but also nurture self-confidence, problem-solving skills, and emotional resilience. 

Within our adventure therapy programs, you can participate in immersive physical activities like hikes, nature walks, ropes courses, and rock climbing during recovery. These adventure-based groups place a large focus on practicing mindfulness by teaching our guests how to be present in the moment and connect with nature—an essential component for overall well-being. To do so, our adventure therapy guides often incorporate holistic healing practices such as guided meditation, yoga, and mindful breathing. By engaging in meaningful activities in the natural environment, you can learn more about yourself and enhance your quality of life.

Likewise, these therapeutic activities also incorporate opportunities for teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and leadership. As you establish your goals for recovery, adventure therapy can help you work towards achieving them with the help of our dedicated staff while providing a sense of camaraderie amongst your peers. 

During adventure-based outings, our counselors encourage guests to step outside of their comfort zone and find new ways to approach challenges. These hands-on therapy activities allow individuals to develop resilience as they learn new ways to cope with life’s challenges, build self-awareness, develop positive relationships, and create lasting memories. As a result, adventure therapy can help give you the sense of accomplishment you need to continue on your recovery journey.

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Adventure Therapy in Washington State

Royal Life Centers’ adventure therapy programs in Washington State can be found within our multi-accredited outpatient facilities in Lacey and Mead. For this reason, we are lucky to provide our adventure-based activities in some of the most unique and picturesque locations in the Pacific Northwest.

With four unique seasons and mild weather, our addiction treatment programs in the Pacific Northwest’s scenic landscape provide an ideal setting to undergo nature-based therapy. During rehab in the PNW, you can find the best offerings of wilderness activities while breathing in clean, fresh mountain air. 

Throughout our adventure therapy programs in Lacey and Mead, guests collaborate with our compassionate team of addiction treatment counselors to build new life skills in recovery. During these outgoings, our priority is to maintain a safe healing environment while providing comprehensive care that respects each guest’s physical and mental abilities. Through our adventure-based activities, we aim to deliver an engaging experience that empowers our guests to achieve their goals for long-term recovery.

No matter where you choose to experience our adventure-based therapy options, our locations can provide immense beauty and offer therapeutic healing in unique ways that are sure to be beneficial for you on your journey to recovery. By entering treatment at either of our locations in the Pacific Northwest, we can help you build a stronger connection with nature and yourself. We look forward to helping you take that first step towards a healthier, happier life!

Adventure Therapy in Prescott, Arizona

Our Arizona adventure therapy program involves physical activities such as hikes, ropes courses, and rock climbing. These activities assist in the recovery process by providing an immersive environment where you can build self-confidence, develop problem-solving skills, and learn to cope with difficult emotions. 

Our drug and alcohol rehab centers provide adventure therapy in Prescott, Arizona at our aftercare facilities located in:

During our adventure therapy programs in Prescott, AZ, guests work closely with our team of highly experienced counselors to ensure that they receive the most comprehensive care possible. We uphold our commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for all guests, regardless of their physical or mental ability. In doing so, we strive to provide an engaging experience that sets our clients up for success in reaching their long-term goals of personal growth and healing.

Recover from Addiction in Adventure-Based Therapy

We know every person who enters into recovery brings their own unique struggles, background, and personal story. There is no “one size fits all” method of healing, which is why every person who comes to Royal Life Centers starts by working with a therapist to develop an individualized treatment plan. This plan outlines your needs, preferences, and goals for treatment, helping you to stay accountable and grounded in your motivations.

If you reach out to us and begin our program, your primary therapist, case manager, and treatment team will work with you every step of the way. In doing so, our holistic approach provides a comprehensive treatment that is person-centered and goal-oriented to ensure you get the best results possible. During our program, we will assess and track your progress on an ongoing basis, routinely updating your individualized treatment plan to make sure it meets all of your needs.

We’re committed to helping you achieve the transformation you seek by offering a safe and supportive environment that helps you work through issues with lasting solutions. Our team is here for you, providing the highest level of care and support during your journey to recovery. 

Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one, please call us at 877-RECOVERY or fill out a secure contact form and we reach out to help you access the best treatment for your needs. We’re here for you, no matter where you are in the process of looking for help.

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