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Our Mission

“Because We Care,” Royal Life Centers has been created to provide guests with an unparalleled and transformative treatment experience. We have merged premier, leading facilities across the United States to provide our guests with unrivaled treatment at every level of care.

Within our holistic approach, we provide comprehensive, evidence-based care that will help you create lasting change. Our team of professionals strives to cultivate a compassionate, encouraging environment where guests are inspired to achieve their goals and reach their definition of success in recovery.

our mission

Our Mission

“Because We Care,” Royal Life Centers has been created to provide guests with an unparalleled and transformative treatment experience. We have merged premier, leading facilities across the United States to provide our guests with unrivaled treatment at every level of care.

Our Mission In Action

At The Haven, we understand that successful recovery is a journey with many obstacles. We strive to be a safe haven for those traveling through tough times and dedicate ourselves to helping individuals find relief from addiction. Our individualized treatment plans are tailored to each person’s needs and incorporate a range of services that support our full continuum of care.

We work hard to ensure our guests feel safe and secure during their stay at The Haven. detox and residential inpatient center. Our facility is a place of healing, where staff members are invested in helping each guest recover. To do so, Royal’s medical staff is available 24/7 to provide support and guidance, while also monitoring each person’s progress in recovery.

During treatment at Royal, our evidence-based therapies and addiction counseling help people gain insight into their addictive behaviors while also providing them with the necessary life skills for sustained sobriety post-treatment. Our counselors specialize in substance abuse treatment, providing individual sessions to help guests work through the underlying issues that may contribute to their addiction. Likewise, our group therapy assists guests in sharing and processing their experiences with others who have gone through similar struggles.

Knowing that recovery takes time and hard work, We help our guests learn healthy coping skills during their journey of recovery. From mindfulness practices to art therapy, there are many activities that help individuals manage stress, build self-esteem, and overcome challenging cravings. We also offer nutritional and fitness programs to help our guests achieve lasting physical well-being. 

Upholding Our Mission

Our Joint Commission, CARF-ASAM, and White Bison accreditations allow us to offer ethical, comprehensive, and quality-focused care led by experienced and dedicated providers. In addition to our accreditations, Royal Life Centers is proud to be certified by Wellbriety and LegitScript.

Wellbriety, a Native American-operated training institute, provides culturally-based training for professionals who work directly with native communities. Our substance abuse treatment centers in Washington State are all Wellbriety Certified. Having completed the Wellbriety Training Institute courses, our treatment providers have necessary the experience and knowledge to respectfully guide our guests through culturally-based treatment.

LegitScript’s Addiction Treatment Certification is the only certification service for legitimate drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers that seek to promote their rehabilitation programs online. Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Facebook exclusively use LegitScript to vet advertisers for eligibility.

All Royal Life Centers drug and alcohol treatment centers hold licensure as both Behavioral and Residential Health Agencies and are fully compliant with the Washington State Department of Health and Arizona’s Department of Health Services.

At Royal Life Centers, we recognize the immeasurable value of having a say in one's recovery and encourage our guest's to "Speak Up" for themselves in all aspects of life.

Honor the power of your voice and begin your healing journey with us today!

A holistic approach to healing the mind, body, & spirit.

Our Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Every facility at Royal Life Centers is based on a guest-centered, humanistic approach to recovery, meaning each and every guest that walks through our doors is an individual, void of all labels that have been placed upon them throughout their life experiences; in order for them to reach and exceed their goals, we must provide them with a safe space in which to express their genuine selves, free of judgment and labels.

Acceptance of both their past and present is key for recovering individuals to grow, but our goal is for them to understand that the person they are is not defined by their past behaviors. We believe that overcoming past and present adversity serves as an asset that allows for self-growth and the changing of behaviors. We aim to shift guests’ perspectives from seeing addiction as a life sentence to seeing their recovery as an inquisitive, unique, and enthralling experience to find their higher selves.

So, once a passion is sparked and a flame is ignited, the perceived “need” for drugs and alcohol diminishes and is replaced with a craving to experience life with clarity. Guests gain self-love and self-respect to finally want a better way of life because guests realize they deserve to grow and flourish in the world. Because We Care, not only do we teach guests how to reclaim their lives, we empower guests to re-integrate the forgotten parts of self in order to attain self-reliance.

Our Vision

We aim to shift guests’ perspectives from seeing addiction as a life sentence to a new point of view based on hope and inclusion. In doing so, the passion that is ignited diminishes the perceived “need” for drugs and alcohol and is replaced with a craving to experience life with clarity.

Our Values

Our values are central to our mission here at Royal Life Centers.

At Royal Life Centers, our guests always come first. We uphold our high standards within an individualized approach to substance abuse treatment, which puts our guests at the forefront of every decision that we make and everything we do.

At Royal, we treat each guest as a unique individual, deserving of respect and dignity; our guests are truly our guests, not clients or patients. We do not assign labels or pass judgment on anyone who walks through our doors because we believe that everyone deserves the best form of personalized care that the addiction treatment field has to offer.

Our treatment plans are designed to give guests the tools and skills they need to build and lead healthy, sober lives long after they leave our care.

We operate on a biopsychosocial/spiritual model to ensure that our treatment and therapeutic practices effectively address substance use disorder from all angles to facilitate lasting, impactful changes in the lives of our guests.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy—Because We Care—shines throughout everything we do, from the staff we hire to the food we serve our guests. Royal Life Centers strives to do better in the field of substance use disorder treatment. We treat the roots of addiction and support guests in every way possible.

Because We Care, we provide the support and guidance to recover from substance use disorders. We do this by treating each guest with respect and dignity. 

We pride ourselves on our top-of-the-line services and accommodations. This extends into every factor of our programs including treatment planning, medical care, employee interactions, meals, therapeutic activities, holistic wellness, and everything in between.

Because We Care.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, please reach out to us.

Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because We Care.

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