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Group Therapy

Within Royal Life Centers at the Haven, guests participate in group therapy six days a week (Mon-Sat) for five hours. During detox, guests attend each session, provided they are physically healthy. If a guest is unable to participate due to physical or mental distress, staff members grant a medical exemption.

Done in conjunction with CBT-based individual therapy, our guests discover, analyze, and overcome their negative thoughts and actions as they bond and empathize with fellow guests. Our groups encourage guests to make self-discoveries as they build social relationships and establish a sober peer network.

Group Therapy The Haven

Group Therapy at The Haven

At Royal Life Centers at the Haven, group sessions are facilitated by one or more of our addiction therapists. An additional benefit of group therapy is they provide guests with an opportunity to create an organic support network. By interacting with their peers, guests are able to gain a greater understanding of themselves, others, core substance abuse issues, and solutions that are instrumental in their recovery journey. Because We Care, Royal Life Centers at the Haven believe in the power of group therapy to effectively treat substance use disorder, as it fosters healthy discussion, identification, hope, and comradery among individuals.

"Our group facilitators create a safe, welcoming place for guests to share. "

Our group facilitators create a safe, welcoming place for guests to share as much as they are comfortable sharing. Guests identify and work through difficult feelings, thoughts, and behaviors and establish new patterns of thinking. Active participation in group— both sharing and listening— is strongly encouraged. This way guests can get the most out of this unique therapy setting.

Through participation and feedback in group, guests create bonds with their peers and therapist, helping them re-build and re-learn trust. Relating to others in similar situations can help group participants to put their own circumstances into perspective and bolster self-confidence. Knowing that others can relate to their experiences helps guests to feel accepted and included. We work hard to make everyone feel at home at Royal Life Centers.

During detox, group takes place daily, five times per day, and focuses on a wide array of topics. Some examples include relapse prevention, self-worth, goal-setting, finding identity in recovery, and processing feelings and emotions. Guests may choose to continue their treatment with us following detox. Our 14-day inpatient program at Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound, our facility located in Sumner, is the perfect next step. Additionally, we offer continuing care from the PHP to sober living level.

Royal Life Centers at the Haven remains committed to offering the finest therapies and programs to treat substance addiction. If you or a loved one has a substance use disorder and want to learn more about how we can help, please reach out to us at any time at 888-568-5998. Because We Care.

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