Case Management

Re-acclimating to society and everyday life is an important part of early recovery. It requires re-learning some of the skills necessary to sustaining wellness and sobriety after detox. Royal Life Centers at the Haven assigns each guest a case manager upon arrival to help transitioning back into life. Case managers assess each guests’ needs, strengths, and goals in order to determine which areas need assistance. Once this is established, case managers focus on matching guests with appropriate community services, and developing case plans. The ultimate goal is to resolve any outstanding legal, social, or other issues.

Our case managers work closely with guests to ensure successful collaboration between doctors, nurses, therapists, and others in the community. We want guests prepared for independent living and long-term sobriety after they leave our care. Some of the core responsibilities of our case management department include advocating for guests within the legal system, acting as liaison between guests and family members, and arranging outpatient/continuing care.

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"Our case managers work closely with guests to ensure they are best prepared for independent living and long-term sobriety after they leave our care. Because we care."

Case management also involves assisting guests with some of the more routine aspects of daily living. Some examples are maintaining prescription medications, as well as getting to and from therapy and 12 step meetings. Our case managers work with guests at all levels of care— from detox to residential and aftercare— and address guest needs to the best of their abilities. Our case management services fit seamlessly into our holistic, individualized approach to substance abuse treatment. At Royal Life Centers at the Haven, we designed our case management program upon our company mission and structure. Our approach to case management incorporates goal-planning and flexibility and also places emphasis on traditional forms of therapy. Because We Care, Royal Life Centers at the Haven is committed to providing guests the finest in substance abuse treatment, and this dedication shines through in the services that we offer and the programs that we design. Please reach out to our admissions team at 888-568-5998 at any time with questions or concerns that you may have. Because We Care.

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