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Case Management

Entering treatment for substance abuse can be a daunting task for many people. For this reason, quality addiction treatment centers assign a case manager to each guest upon arrival. In doing so, case managers work side-by-side with guests to help them adjust to time in inpatient treatment. 

Likewise, re-acclimating to society and everyday life is an important part of early recovery. It requires re-learning some of the skills necessary to sustain wellness and sobriety when facing challenges outside the facility walls. As guests progress through the different levels of care, their case manager helps them build the foundation of life skills and recovery tools they need to be successful after treatment.

Case Management

What Is Case Management?

In general, case management during inpatient treatment for drug and alcohol use disorders is a collaborative process that involves a case manager, the guest, the guest’s loved ones, and other treatment professionals. Case management provides an extra layer of support and referrals for clients who may need additional services during and after treatment. The goal of case management is to help the client transition back into their daily lives in a healthy and safe manner.

At Haven Detox we strive to ensure that every guest has the best possible treatment experience and outcomes. Our case managers are experienced professionals who work closely with you to create an individualized plan of care designed to meet your needs.

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What Is a Case Manager's Role in Rehab?

Throughout your time at Royal Life Centers, your case manager will work closely with guests to ensure successful collaboration between doctors, nurses, therapists, and others in the community. This assists us in ensuring that each guest is prepared for independent living and long-term sobriety after they leave our care.

Some of the core responsibilities of our case management department include:

Case managers also work with guests in various other ways throughout their stay, including:

Ultimately, case managers help guide each guest through their recovery journey and ensure they have all the tools necessary for long-term success. 

Our Integrative Case Management Services

We take great pride in our commitment to provide integrative case management services that are designed with the whole person in mind. We offer individualized treatment plans that address all aspects of health and well-being, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To do so, our team works diligently to create an environment where guests feel safe and comfortable as they take the steps to make lasting changes in their lives.

Our staff are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of monitoring progress throughout a guest’s recovery journey. Some of our integrative case management services include:

Our integrative approach is tailored to each person’s needs and lifestyle, allowing us to best meet our guests’ goals and providing them with the tools that will help them achieve long-term sobriety and a healthy life.

For instance, our case manager also assists guests with some of the more routine aspects of daily living such as managing prescription medications, as well as getting to and from therapy and 12-step meetings. Our case managers work with guests at all levels of care— from detox to residential and aftercare— and address guest needs to the best of their abilities.

Referrals & Recovery Resources

After the start of treatment, our case managers assess each guest’s needs, strengths, and goals to determine which areas need assistance. Once this is established, case managers focus on matching guests with appropriate community services, and developing case plans.

Using the results of your needs-based assessment, your case managers will provide you with additional resources for services such as:

In offering referrals and recovery resources, our case managers seek to provide access to other supportive environments so that our guests have the best opportunity for success following treatment.

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Case Management at Royal Life Centers

Our case management services fit seamlessly into our holistic, individualized approach to substance abuse treatment. Royal Life Centers at the Haven provides case management services that align with our company mission and structure. That is why our approach to case management incorporates goal-planning and flexibility and also places emphasis on traditional forms of therapy.

We also recognize that addiction affects not only the individual but their family as well. For this reason, our case managers and therapists work with family members and loved ones so they can play an active role in their loved one’s recovery. Our programs offer family counseling sessions and education about addiction to help families better understand the recovery process and how to best support their loved ones on their journey to recovery. 

Reach Out For Comprehensive Care for Addiction Recovery

We understand that each guest is unique and it is our goal to provide personalized case management services tailored to the individual needs of each person. We believe in treating everyone with dignity and respect as we help them take the steps necessary to embark on a journey of lasting recovery.

Because We Care, Royal Life Centers at the Haven is committed to providing guests with the finest in substance abuse treatment, and this dedication shines through in the services that we offer and the programs that we design. Please reach out to our admissions team at 888-568-5998 at any time with questions or concerns that you may have. 

Looking for Quality Case Management In Rehab?

If you or someone who cares about struggles with addiction, please reach out to learn more about our integrative case management services. We work with most private insurance policies and we have affordable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance. Give us a call and we will figure out the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.
Because We Care. 

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