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Royal Life Centers at the Haven understands that not only does addiction affect the person struggling with substance abuse, but it also affects families, friends, and others who are closest to them.

For this reason, family resources can provide invaluable information and guidance on how to handle difficult situations related to addiction, and education on the effects of substance abuse. By helping families strengthen their bonds and learn about addiction, they can be better equipped to support their loved ones in recovery. 

Family Resources, For Families

Family Services In Rehab

Families often struggle to understand the complex nature of addiction. It can also feel overwhelming trying to help a loved one through an addiction. Even still, it is essential that families get involved in the process of recovery. That’s why we provide family integration services within our programs that offer support and resources families need to help their loved ones and themselves in recovery from addiction.

Our family services are specifically designed to provide families with the tools they need to understand addiction and communicate better with their loved ones, while also helping build supportive environments for recovery. We believe that if individuals have a strong support system of family and friends in place, it can help them successfully stay on their path toward sobriety. 

If your loved one is struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, please reach out for help today.

What Services Will My Loved One Has Access To During Treatment?

At The Haven, we understand that addiction can be a difficult and emotional journey for individuals and their families. We strive to provide the most comprehensive care possible, with our team of experienced doctors and counselors working together to ensure the best results for every guest. Our goal is to offer compassionate and personalized support so individuals are able to regain control of their lives and achieve lasting sobriety. 

Our treatment programs focus on developing a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to meet each guest’s unique needs. To give guests the most comprehensive treatment available, we provide evidence-based practices such as dual diagnosis treatment, trauma-informed care, and 12-step facilitation along with a variety of research-back therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness-based practices, to help individuals identify and address the underlying causes of their addiction. We also provide medication-assisted treatments (MATs) to help reduce the intensity of cravings and withdrawal symptoms on a case-by-case basis.

Medical Detox Services

The detox phase of treatment is typically the most delicate. However, it can also be your loved one’s first step toward a new, long life in recovery.

We suggest that your loved one brings to our facility between four and six changes of comfortable clothing. While we don’t observe a dress code, we do prohibit clothing that might trigger cravings in other guests (e.g. garments referencing drugs or alcohol). We will take care of any laundry that needs to be done during this phase of treatment.

During this critical time, concerned loved ones may wish to check in on the progress of one of our guests. However, we can only disclose information if a guest has given written consent in the form of a confidentiality waiver agreement, per HIPAA laws.

Residential Inpatient Services

After detox, your loved one will transition into residential inpatient treatment where they will participate in intensive therapies. These therapies help to address any underlying issues that may have been contributing to their substance use disorder. Residential inpatient treatment is an important part of the recovery process, as it provides a safe and supportive environment for your loved one to focus on healing and getting better.

During this time, your loved one will receive comprehensive care lasting from 14-28  days or more depending on their individualized needs. This treatment may include individual and group counseling, educational classes, life skills training, recreational activities, medical services, and dual diagnosis treatment if needed. While in this program, your loved one may receive weekly individual counseling and daily group therapy sessions to continue practicing healthy coping skills essential for recovery.

Aftercare Services

Our team works on an individualized basis to create a treatment plan that best fits the needs of each guest, providing guidance and support throughout inpatient and outpatient treatment. For instance, our aftercare facility provides PHP and IOP programs that continue to provide therapy, education, and accountability measures as guests transition into the lower levels of care. These extended care programs will provide them with additional tools and resources to maintain their sobriety for long-term success.

Likewise, our 12-week aftercare program incorporates life skills, employment assistance, relapse prevention planning, support groups, and other continuing care services to ensure long-term success in sobriety. We also assist guests during the transition into sober living environments and integration within the recovery community during our aftercare and traditional outpatient programs.

Family Visitation During Treatment

Guests are not permitted to receive visitors during detox. Some guests will opt to live at home following detox, residential treatment, PHP, and IOP. We always recommend for individuals to spend a greater amount of time in treatment, because it significantly improves the likelihood of maintaining sobriety long-term. Our full continuum does offer housing during our aftercare, including our 12 week program, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs. A strong foundation of recovery goes far in giving families the peace of mind that their loved ones are supported, accountable, and continuing to do the next right thing after he or she completes treatment.

Family Resources For Addiction Recovery

Families often struggle to understand the complex nature of addiction. People with substance use disorders (SUDs) can often appear apathetic about themselves, as well as their family members, making it difficult to sympathize with their condition. 

The Haven Detox offers specialized family services to bridge the gap between those who struggle with addiction and their loved ones. Our program helps families learn about substance use disorders, understand available treatment options, and develop effective strategies for providing support. We also provide resources that can be used even after an individual leaves our care, to connect families and individuals with SUDs to local support groups. 

Our goal is to ensure that families are supported throughout the recovery process, while also helping those who struggle with addiction to have a stronger foundation for their recovery success. By providing resources and information about substance use disorders, families can become more informed and better equipped to help those in need. We invite you to explore our family support programs and resources to see how your family can be empowered to help those in need of recovery.

Because We Care, Royal Life Centers at the Haven works around the clock to connect families with quality addiction treatment resources for their loved ones seeking to recover from drug and alcohol use disorders.


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At The Haven Detox, Our team of addiction specialists is here to work with you and provide the best possible care for your loved one. We make sure that everyone involved in the recovery process is on the same page, so families can feel comfortable knowing that their loved one will get the help they need. We also offer family counseling services to help guests and their loved ones learn healthy ways to cope with any issues or emotions related to their addiction.

Contact us today if you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment. We can help turn your life around and provide you with the tools to maintain long-term sobriety. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against addiction. 

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