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Alumni Services

Going through addiction is painful, and many parts of the recovery process feel challenging as well. Even after completing detoxification and the lower levels of care, staying sober is not always easy. That is why alumni services are so important for people who have completed a rehab program.

Alumni services can provide continued support, resources, and guidance to help individuals stay on their recovery journey. Royal Life Centers at The Haven provides alumni services to provide ongoing support and connection to those who have graduated from our treatment programs.

Alumni Services

Our Alumni Services

The Haven’s alumni services provide access to a supportive, recovery-focused network of individuals who have benefited from our high-quality treatment services. Our alumni coordinators are available to assist you in finding the right resources for maintaining your sobriety and connecting with others in the recovery community. We offer multiple alumni activities, events, and resources to help our clients remain connected with our program and stay focused on their sobriety goals.

Through our alumni services and other community resources, you can practice recovery and maintenance and stay connected with your peers in recovery. On top of this, you can feel confident knowing that your recovery process will continue even after you’ve completed rehab.

Our Alumni Services include:


Staying connected to a support network during and after treatment leads to improved abstinence and reduces relapse between 7-25%. Further, 90% of individuals who make it to two years of sobriety also make it to 10 years.

These follow-ups can provide an important source of accountability following treatment that can help you remain focused on your recovery.

Fun Meet-Ups

We host regular recovery events and opportunities, but we also encourage the alumni community to connect with each other through their own plans. If you don’t know where to start, consider this list of fun sober activities and arrange a meet-up with some peers.

Some examples of activities are mini golf, movie nights, laser tag, sports games, and ice skating. 

online Support

Did you know we have a Royal Life Centers alumni Facebook Group? It’s a place where you can stay connected with your alumni peers. Think of it like an online support group you can take with you anywhere.

We also have an Instagram page where we regularly post recovery resources, inspirational messages, and images from our alumni events.

Recovery Events

Our alumni community hosts recovery events throughout the year, extending invitations to our graduates and their loved ones. These recovery events often incorporate national and international observances of addiction and recovery. We gather together on these days to raise awareness of substance abuse and recovery, remember those we’ve lost to overdose, and celebrate living a life free of drugs and alcohol.

Over the years, Royal has held recovery events to honor the following:

Our alumni gathering for Overdose Awareness Day

Peer Support Groups

Support groups don’t have to end after you finish your service plan. In fact, staying connected with your sober support network is a proven way to maintain your resolve.

You can take part in 12-step or alternative meetings as well as Royal alumni meetings to help you stay supported in your sobriety. By staying connected with people who understand you and your journey, it can become easier to stay accountable and motivated on good days and bad days. 

Alumni Speakers

We know our alumni have inspirational stories to share that will motivate peers and guests as they continue towards a life of sobriety. That’s why we hold monthly speaking events where guests and graduates gather for good food and amazing connections.

If you would be willing to speak at one of our alumni events, like our monthly alumni speaker event, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to your alumni coordinator with any questions about speaking opportunities.

Recovery Resources

Often people need additional recovery resources within the community. Our alumni services ensure you receive the right support to stay on your path of recovery.  Our alumni program helps you remain connected through social events, educational opportunities, and financial assistance.

We provide resources to 12-step meetings, sober living options, and other community resources upon request. Together, we can work towards a successful journey of lasting sobriety. 

What To Expect As A Royal Alumni?

Although addiction can knock you down for a significant part of your life before you receive treatment, you even be battling the physical, emotional, or mental side effects beyond your time in detox. However, once you reach a place of stability in rehabilitation, you can expect to feel a great sense of relief! 

As Royal alumni, our graduates have dedicated their time, effort, and dedication during treatment and now they get to live their best lives in recovery. For this reason, participating in our alumni services often feels like a celebration. To help you celebrate each day in recovery, we offer a variety of alumni services designed to feel inviting, life-giving, and fun.

Our mission is to make sure everyone, both past and present at Royal, can stay connected and up to date. As part of the alumni community at Royal Life Centers, you can benefit from recovery resources and participate in sober activities, outgoings, and events alongside your peers in recovery.

Common questions about alumni services:

Living life after addiction and treatment, to some degree, might always feel like you’re in the process of recovery rather than the final destination. Truly, rehabilitation is an active state. However, our alumni services are designed so you’re never alone during recovery. Nobody knows the struggle of relapse prevention and the baggage that addiction brings like those who’ve experienced it first-hand.

Once you have entered our centers for any length of time, whether for detoxification, residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, or aftercare, you’re part of the Royal Family for life. We welcome you to participate in the Alumni Services we proudly offer. The term “alumni” addresses more than just the individuals themselves — our alumni is a close-knit, life-long connection to our recovery community. 

Alumni services provide ongoing support for all who’ve worked through our programs in the process of recovery. After a guest completes their time in treatment, they connect with an alumni coordinator who offers additional guidance and support as needed. Alumni coordinators can also help you find resources in the community that can assist you in maintaining your sobriety and connecting with others in the recovery community.

Common alumni services include:

  • Check-ins after treatment
  • Alumni support meetings
  • Resources for sober living residences
  • Counseling and therapy referrals
  • Local 12-step program meeting locations and times
  • Additional relapse prevention strategies
  • Networking with other alumni members
  • Alumni speaking opportunities
  • Recovery events
  • Fun, sober activities

To the Members of Our Alumni Community

Above all, we are so proud of your accomplishments it is our hope that you allow yourself to be proud, too. We strive to remind each member of our recovery community how brave and amazing they are, and how far they have come in their journey. We do our best to provide a safe haven of support for anyone working through addiction recovery and now you are proving just how strong you are each and every day. As you work on taking back control of your life, remember that our staff is available to help you navigate the path to recovery during and after your time in treatment.

Like we say in treatment, we’re here for you during life’s ups and downs, Because We Care. That is why you can always reach out to us, no matter what point you are at in your recovery. Whether you’re thriving in your new life, or struggling to maintain your sobriety, our alumni community is always there to lend support and guidance.

If you find yourself in a moment of self-doubt or regret, remember that the people in your recovery circle, Royal included, are incredibly proud of, and always rooting for you. Our greatest assets in life are the people we connect with which is why it is so important to hold those amazing connections close. That is why our alumni services provide countless opportunities to connect with others in the Royal recovery community, so don’t hesitate to get involved!

We are committed to fostering a collaborative, supportive community that helps encourage and inspire guests and graduates to live a life of lasting sobriety. We’re really glad to welcome you as a part of our family.

Stay Connected to Your Community!

We are proud of the lasting relationships we have built with our guests over the years and we look forward to continuing to serve them long after they leave The Haven’s treatment programs. To help you stay connected with our recovery community, we provide a variety of alumni services and events! We do so because we believe connection leads to greater treatment success.

Alumni Events in Lacey, Washington

We have monthly alumni events through Royal Life Centers at The Haven and at Sound Recovery in Lacey, Washington. Make sure to stay connected to learn about these events!

Alumni Resources for Graduates

If you have completed RLC’s levels of care, you’re a valued graduate. The most difficult part of your recovery journey has passed, but we want to help hold you accountable by supporting you as you live a fulfilling life of sobriety.  Let us aid in strengthening your motivation and resolve to remain sober.

Celebrating 1 Year Sober?

We want to celebrate with you! Reach out to your alumni coordinator and let them know about this huge milestone coming up for you. We live to cherish and uplift the achievements of our Royal family members.

Want to Refer a Friend?

If you want to recommend our programs to someone you know who is struggling with substance abuse, please reach out. Connect with your alumni coordinator, and they will help your loved one get treatment.

Alumni Resources for Parents, Families, and Friends

Just as guests to our centers can find deep bonds with each other because of their shared experiences, the same is true for the families and friends of people who struggle with addiction. We encourage friends, parents, and other family members of RLC alumni to connect with each other. Addiction is not an individual affair; loved ones of people with substance use disorders (SUD) have often been there during the thick of the battle and were likely impacted themselves. Now is a time for guests’ family and friends to celebrate the recovery journey they’ve witnessed. 

Looking for Family Resources?

Alumni resources for loved ones are also ways for them to stay involved in their guest’s constant rehabilitation evolvement. Along with our family therapy program, we have an expansive list of family resources including support groups, educational information, and advocacy opportunities to help families navigate the challenging process of recovery and sobriety. We believe that with the proper support, a family can be a leading factor in their loved one’s successful journey to lasting sobriety.  Take a look at our family resources page!

Our Alumni Community Is Constantly Evolving

We’re pleased that our alumni community is growing and evolving as we change the lives of more guests and their support team of loved ones. We regularly update Royal Life Centers’ alumni groups on Facebook to ensure all of our alumni stay up-to-date on all of our alumni services, events, and outgoings.

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