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Built upon honesty, respect, and humanism, the Royal Life Centers family of detox and treatment centers was established in 2009. Royal Life Centers at the Haven is our premier, full-service drug and alcohol detox and residential inpatient facility located in Lacey, Washington. In full view of the Cascade mountain range and evergreen forests, our location is the perfect start to a new beginning. 

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Comprehensive Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs in Olympia

Our beautiful Pacific Northwest drug and alcohol rehabilitation center treats dependence on alcohol, opiates, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, cocaine, and more. Our inpatient drug and alcohol programs in the Olympia area are complete with a long-term treatment program, outpatient treatment, and sober living just across the street. We are fully licensed in the state of Washington, and all of our facilities hold multiple nationally recognized accreditations. Guests and their families can rest assured that their loved one is in good hands, we are one of the safest, most qualified detox centers in the country.

At Royal Life Centers at the Haven, we treat substance use disorder as the chronic brain disease that it is. Guests receive five-star care along with a physician-approved medical regimen during their time with us. Our medication-assisted detox treats withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively based on each individual’s needs.

Our on-site medical staff is available 24/7 to assist with both physical and psychological symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal. As guests prepare for the next phase of their recovery, we want them to feel relaxed and rejuvenated and maintain confidence that a life free of substance is possible.

At Royal, We Treat You Like Family

We consistently get the most positive and meaningful feedback about our staff members. Not only does our staff treat all guests with dignity and respect, but they also take the time to get to know each guest and will show you how much they care.

We believe in providing an environment that is loving, caring, and compassionate. Seeing as many of our staff members are in recovery themselves, they are easily able to relate to what the guest is experiencing.

What Makes Royal Life Centers Different?

Our treatment programs are completely individualized. At our facilities, we do not believe that “one size fits all” when it comes to a treatment plan. Providing quality treatment can only be done by first getting to know a guest, understanding their background, and learning their story. Our treatment programs are personally individualized based on each guest’s background, needs, and goals. Individualized treatment plans at Royal address all guest needs, including but not limited to medical, psychological, social, and vocational aspects.

We offer specialty program “tracks” that provide personalization and respect to your unique background. We believe the more connected an individual can be with their healing process, the deeper, more meaningful, and effective his or her treatment experience will be. Currently, we have specialty tracks for U.S. military veterans and tribal members. We incorporate these specialty treatment tracks into any program, at all Royal locations

Specialized Addiction Treatment

Our highly individualized addiction treatment programs are available at every Royal Life Centers location. Find the treatment you need through meaningful and authentic connections with your best future self. Our specialty program tracks offer curriculum for populations that are often overlooked in the behavioral healthcare space.

For U.S. military veterans and their families

Valor Program

Our specialty program track for military veterans, the Valor program track, offers specialized modalities for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and combat-induced anxiety. This program track works hand-in-hand with community VA health and medical centers to coordinate treatment for veterans. As a result, our collaborative efforts make for a seamless rehabilitation experience. Those who enroll in our Valor program are in good company, aside from your peers in the program, we have veteran liaisons and staff members who can personally relate to a veteran’s experience.

For Indigenous Americans

Native American Program

Our program track for Native Americans is built upon Wellbriety teachings and Native American culture. As one of the first three White Bison Certified Treatment Centers, Royal Life Centers provides culturally-competent treatment programming that incorporates tribal culture, traditions, and ceremonial practices. We remain committed to reconnecting each guest to the spirit of the world as they progress through recovery.

Close up portrait of a Native sutdent preparing to take notes on cultural practices within the 12 steps of recovery

At Royal, we cannot complete our mission without catering to the needs of each and every person who has chosen to walk through our doors. You do not have to be a veteran or member of a tribe to receive individualized programming. We are able to customize anyone’s treatment plan to meet his or her clinical needs in the most optimal way. No matter who you are, where you’re from, and what your life has looked like so far, we will bend over backward to meet your needs.

Each individual who is struggling with an addiction deserves the comfort of people being on their side, the hope in knowing that discomfort is temporary, and the freedom in knowing that drugs or alcohol are no longer needed to get through life. There is relief in realizing that you can still be anybody you would like to be in this world, and we always look forward to witnessing the moment when you begin believing that. As providers, we are passionate about showing you just how much you’re capable of as you grow in treatment and recovery.

Please know that at Royal, you will have clinicians, a medical team, and professional and peer support to carry you through the hard times, make you laugh like you haven’t in years, bring you back to reality when you start to spiral into doubt and be your biggest advocate in times where you aren’t ready to speak up, among other things. We are not just a provider of drug and alcohol treatment, we are people in recovery with compassion for where you are now, and the ability to see where you can be. If you take this step in trusting us, we promise to guide you all the way to your very best self.

Why Choose Us

Royal Life Centers is a multi-accredited treatment center with award-winning inpatient and outpatient programs that treat drug and alcohol addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Mind, Body, Spirit


Holistic treatment modalities provide our guests with the ultimate healing experience. Our programming was designed to meet the needs of the mind, body, and spirit of a person in recovery according to medical and clinical research.

Nationally Recognized


We are nationally recognized and accredited by The Joint Commission (JCAHO), CARF-ASAM, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Additionally, we hold certifications from NAATP, Wellbriety and White Bison, and LegitScript.

Over a Decade in the Field


We have remained at the top of our field in addiction treatment for over a decade. As providers, it is important to us that our programs evolve with emerging research, clinical and medical trials, technologies, and feedback from our guests. We are always learning.

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About Our Drug Rehab Centers in Washington State

What Does a Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment Mean?

Royal Life Centers at the Haven takes a holistic approach to addiction treatment. Our unique process targets the mind, body, and spirit to facilitate comprehensive, lasting changes in the lives of our guests. While in detox, guests attend group five times per day in order to jumpstart the recovery process. Our holistic therapy sessions and topics, rooted in the 12-step recovery process, incorporate a variety of therapeutic approaches. Carefully designed from the ground up, our program aims to be the most effective treatment available.

Between therapy sessions, guests meet with their case managers for help navigating legal and social issues. We educate guests so that they can best utilize all resources available to them during and after treatment.

Accountability for Everyone

Every Royal Life Centers staff member is drug tested regularly. We find that ensuring quality care depends on the performance of the staff who our guests interact with during their stay. All staff members are drug tested on a weekly basis to ensure that we are providing a healthy environment for all our guests to recover from substance use disorders. 

All Levels of Care

In order to limit facility transfers throughout the treatment process, our organization offers all levels of care. A guest may remain in our care for medical detoxification, residential inpatient, PHP, IOP, outpatient, and sober living. This provides a smooth transition for each guest as they embark upon their recovery journey.

Long-Term Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Once each treatment program has been successfully completed, guests are provided the option to remain living in our sober living residences until they feel confident in transitioning to complete independence. There is no predetermined amount of time a guest may remain in our care, whether that be weeks or years! We provide this option to our guests, as we believe each individual should progress comfortably at their own pace.

If you or a loved one has a substance use disorder, we hope you’ll begin your journey of recovery at Royal Life Centers. Our admissions team is available 24/7 at 877-732-6837.

"Our top priority is always the guest,
Features and Highlights

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

The Welcoming Community at Royal Treatment Centers

Each drug and alcohol rehab center at Royal offers a sense of community that is eager to take in and welcome the newcomer. All too often, those in recovery feel as if they do not truly belong. The pressure of fitting in will absolve from the moment you walk through our doors.

At Royal, you will create instant connections with others due to the common ground you share, and due to the nature of attending a very small and personalized treatment program. Our doctors, clinicians, and staff welcome each guest as they are, free of all labels and stigma. 

We believe that it is extremely important for our guests to experience that recovery can be fun. To do so, we incorporate weekly activities outside of our facilities into our treatment programs such as kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, bowling, and movie outings. 

Community Involvement

At Royal Life Centers, we strive to always be of service to those around us. Giving back to our communities is just one small way that we can make a difference in the areas we call home.

How We Serve Our Community

Royal Life Centers is always looking for ways to serve our community and its members. For instance, we collaborate with local recovery organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and other recovery initiatives by volunteering our support and assistance.

For instance, Royal takes great pride in crafting our homeless care packages and supporting our communities through other acts of community service. In doing so, we highlight the importance of practicing gratitude by giving back to their communities. As a result, our guests value the healing benefits of service by showing up for the recovery community long after graduating from our programs.

Our community service efforts include:

  • Collect supplies, organize drop-offs, and distribute our homeless care packages
  • Participate in Adopt-A-Street initiatives to maintain the quality and cleanliness of local roadways
  • Trash cleanup at local nature preserves and parks in Lacey, Washington
  • Lending a helping hand at local homeless shelters and food drives
  • Volunteering for recovery events and sober activities
elliot bags - community involvement - elliot b. - royal life centers at the haven - royal life centers - community service - scholarships

Elliot Bags

There is not a single community in America that isn’t affected by addiction. We understand our position as a provider and acknowledge our ability to make a difference in the lives of those whose drug or alcohol use has taken everything from them.

Our contribution to this cause is what we call the “Elliot Bag,” a care package for individuals in the homeless community. These care packages are named after a beloved guest, Elliot B., who unfortunately lost his life to the disease of addiction. Each Elliot Bag is more than just a care package, it includes the gift of a full scholarship to our entire treatment continuum, from detox to sober living, in honor of that guest.

Our alumni and staff come together to visit parts of our community with high rates of homelessness and addiction. This is where they will distribute these bags and offer this life-changing opportunity to all who are willing to receive them.


Because We Care, in addition to honoring Elliot’s legacy, each time we hand out a bag, a former guest that has passed away is honored by giving a scholarship to those in need in that guest’s remembrance. To honor those we have lost to overdose, each Elliot bag is inscribed with an individual’s name. These bags are also physical representations of a full scholarship to our complete treatment program.

While handing out the bags in the community weekly, we eagerly search for individuals that are willing and desperately seeking treatment to become clean and sober.

To date, thousands of bags have been handed out. As a result, several hundred homeless individuals in our Washington communities have received a minimum of 100 days of free treatment in detox, residential, and aftercare. This is a free scholarship program in honor of those who have unfortunately lost their lives to addiction.

Street Adoptions

As a responsible member of the community, Royal Life Centers is committed to upholding the beauty and well-being of Washington State. One of the ways we do so is by adopting local streets and striving to better our surroundings.

By adopting a street, we make it our duty to enhance the community’s aesthetic appeal and encourage other businesses to do the same. Our staff and guest volunteers work tirelessly to keep our adopted streets devoid of litter and graffiti through regular cleanups.

As a result, we assist in fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment in the lives of our guests as we make efforts to serve our Washingtonian cities.

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Community Involvement

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Why Do you call clients 'Guests'?

During your time in treatment, you will never hear us call you our patient or client. At Royal, you are our guest. Like a member of our family, you are welcome to stay with us for a few days, weeks, or months.

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