Royal Life Centers at The Haven Success Stories

*Due to HIPAA laws, we are unable to show actual client photos. However, each of our testimonials are verified Google reviews taken directly from their system.
"I feel that this treatment was exactly what I was looking for and am very satisfied. Royal Life Centers set me on a path to achieve all of my recovery goals and stay sober. The individual therapy sessions were exactly what I needed, while group therapy helped me not feel so alone."
- J. Williams
"We put my daughter in this facility and the staff was one of the first things my daughter talked about. She said that they truly care about her as a person and her recovery. They made sure she was clean and comfortable, and did absolutely everything in their power to make her feel secure and happy"
- J. Green
"My client went through this detox before entering treatment. She raved about the staff and how compassionate they were. She said it was comfortable and friendly. She went on and on about it so I thought I'd mention it here. Great job"
- M. Jacobs
"I'll forever be indebted to the Haven for helping my baby sister get her life together, because she was headed down a very dark path with heroin before we got her into detox here. The staff was phenomneal and she couldn't have had a better experience."
- D. Johnson
"This place is wonderful. had family go here for detox and we were real scared because of withdrawal but Royal Life Centers makes withdrawal and detox comfortable."
- J. Watkins
"One of the main, awesome things about The Haven is that many of the staff have experienced addiction and withdrawal and are very compassionate, empathetic, and understanding. They took our lead guitarist in and made his withdrawal and detox experience as comfortable as possible. Considering that I've lost a friend to opiates before (fentanyl), I know how bad things could have gotten and am so happy he's clean!"
- O. Vyae

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