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Rehab reviews can often provide insight into the quality of care and comfortability of a treatment center. At Royal Life Centers, we believe that lasting recovery comes when our clients have the opportunity to receive quality care and guidance from experienced staff and peers who understand what it takes to create meaningful change. We’re proud to see the positive changes that are made in our facility as seen through the experiences of so many wonderful guests.

Take a look at just a few of the many stories shared by those who have left a rehab review of their firsthand experience with Royal Life Centers at the Haven. We’re so proud of our guests and their commitment to recovery, and we’re honored to be part of their journey.

Our Lacey Rehab Reviews

These rehab reviews are testimonials from former guests of Royal Life Centers at The Haven that demonstrate the benefits of our addiction treatment programs in Lacey, Washington.

This place was by far the most amazing Treatment Center and detox that anyone could ever hope for! The staff is absolutely amazing they truly genuinely care about your well being I am beyond grateful for every single one of them! They dont allow you to not feel uncomfortable. If detoxing from opiates you can choose to do a suboxone taper and its the best option by far so when u leave your not on any mind altering substance and for me thats what i wanted more then anything to truly be 100% clean! They helped me achieve that when i wasnt capable of doing it on my own. Thank you royal life center for helping me get myself back and my family words cant explain how grateful I am for each and every one of you!
- Lake G.
I can't say enough good things about this place. The staff was wonderful and caring. The Facility was clean. The groups are interactive, not just paperwork. The food is amazing as well. All in all, a great experience.
- Rebecca C.
"This place is wonderful. had family go here for detox and we were real scared because of withdrawal but Royal Life Centers makes withdrawal and detox comfortable."
- Jerome W.
"One of the main, awesome things about The Haven is that many of the staff have experienced addiction and withdrawal and are very compassionate, empathetic, and understanding. They took our lead guitarist in and made his withdrawal and detox experience as comfortable as possible. Considering that I've lost a friend to opiates before (fentanyl), I know how bad things could have gotten and am so happy he's clean!"
- Oli V.
Was treated with respect and compassion. Thank you to all of the staff!! I spent 3 days here before I moved on to a one month in patient treatment facility in Portland. 7 months later and still sober, living life to its fullest! Thank you!!
- Wes R.
This is the best treatment facility in the state. Along with the best staff
- Daniel H.
Hello Lacey Royal's Team!! People who want to talk about getting their keys back or how the place looks have no interest in getting sober long-term or saving their own lives. If they want a hotel they should stay in downtown Olympia. If they want a knowledgeable and dedicated staff look no further. The food is just fine and the facility is clean and presentable, however the far more important aspect is the expertise & the professionalism of the staff. The facilitators and organizers are all excellent and the curriculum taught here is like a master's-level curriculum in addiction and life skills from a holistic perspective. There are places where communication and coordination could be improved and there are people in new positions who are growing into the program, but overall this is a very caring and dedicated staff for whom every decision is made in an attempt to foster long-term sobriety for the guests. To give a specific example, you may be given a curfew for a dirty countertop as we live in our own shared apartments. One guest may get mad, say the place stinks, and leave. Another guest may take the mild punishment, learn from it and keep developing life skills. The staff understands this process, and take a wild guess which of these guests will stay sober. I think the thoroughness of the methodology here is unparalleled as is the attention to the goal of sustained sobriety that each guest receives. Highly recommend! Please share this with your staff I believe they need to know their kindness is not over looked! The tone in your voice and the smile while you talk shines bright through the phones!
- John S.
We put my daughter in this facility and the staff was one of the first things my daughter talked about. She said that they truly care about her as a person and her recovery. They made sure she was clean and comfortable, and did absolutely everything in their power to make her feel secure and happy about the choice to be there in recovery detox. It was an extremely long drive to take her to this facility but well worth it!!
- Jenifer S.
My boyfriend has been to the Lacey and Sumner location. He is actually going back tomorrow (third times a charm) and only trusts them, refuses to go anywhere else. He says the whole body massage chairs really helped him get through his withdrawals.
- Ashley H.
Royal Life Center in Lacey (and everyone we were in contact with from the call Centers) were absolutely amazing. From intake to care, proper, knowledgeable and caring medical staff that gave individual care to everyone there; it made such a hard thing (going through detox) so comfortable. Loved that we all had our own rooms, snacks available at all times, smoke breaks when we need it, amazing counselors, speakers in intimate groups. The staff have such personal knowledge of what you may be going through that there is compassion and love. This gave me the reset that I needed when I thought that I was going to die. I can’t say enough good things about this place (even through this COVID stuff) they handle everything with efficiency, cleanliness and caring. I will only recommend Royal Life Centers to anyone who asks. Much love and respect to all the staff, chef, nurses, crew, maintenance, group leaders, nighttime staff and independent inspiring speakers that came in on their own time!!
- Michelle M.
trust me, take that step and just go with it. i can describe my experience as “perfect” undoubtedly. if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.
- Kaiti A.
Absolutely love Royal Life Centers! They saved my life in so many ways. I highly recommend them
- Molly H.
Staff truly cares. Chef on site with free commissary. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to get into rehab.
- Nate R.
I would give them 10 stars if I could. I had some issues in the past that led me to write negative reviews, but it was at a different facility and now I wish I can change the reviews because I think that it was a bad time or different ownership. My son left treatment and continued use, but this staff went beyond any normal human kindness for my family. They opened a room for our family of seven to have an intervention. They gave him so many chances. They loved him so much. One staff member Steph- sat with him for like 5 hours in the city while waiting for us to get to him. Nobody does that and now that man has my heart! They loved our family selflessly and I will forever love them. Treating our kids these days is almost hopeless, but Royal Life is the best place.
- Rebecca V.
AWESOME! INCREDIBLE! I sincerely thank God for Royal and its staff, from the janitor to the highest-ranking office holder at the Lacey, WA Campus. I recommend this facility to anyone who is truly committed to getting this "dis-ease" off their to-do checklist. God truly works through humans, and I'm a proud living witness of this statement today!
- Hezekiah O.
Royal life is amazing. For the Intensive outpatient, for detox and for residency. I did IOP, detox and residency and each staff member is there to help you, listen to you, respect you and do the up most to make you be comfortable and safe. Royal life has saved my life 2 times and put me back together when I was broken each time. No amount of words will ever be able to express my gratitude and love for this place.
- Hailey H.
"My client went through this detox before entering treatment. She raved about the staff and how compassionate they were. She said it was comfortable and friendly. She went on and on about it so I thought I'd mention it here. Great job"
- Mikey J.
Hello Lacey Royal's Team!! I currently have a loved one going through your detox program. He has been there for 3 days and has spent 3 nights so far and wow, I absolutely needed to inform you all that I am beyond pleased with your staff!! There are two names that stand out to me only because I've spoke to both of these lady's a handful of times and that is Miekel and Melissa but please know that does not exclude the kind gentleman that welcomed us as I pulled in to drop my boyfriend off or the one's that called to let me know my boyfriend was on his way to the ER his first night and then made sure regardless of it being 12:30AM when he returned back to your facility after being cleared from falling in and out of consciousness while going through his intake you still called to reassure me that he was back and safe and everything was ok and the ones that have answered the main phone line with nothing but kindness and compassion in your voices while answering any questions or concerns I may have had. My boyfriend sadly has walked through this process so many times that I have lost count but out of all of the other facilities he has been to prior there has never been one that I have felt such a deep desire to write a review for like I am doing for you all. Thank you for all your hard work and clearly loving your jobs! As a recovering addict myself I know that it is extremely important to have a team like yours and I can only imagine the amazing impact you have left on the lives of others both past and present and those you will continue to impact. Keep doing what your doing cause your doing it right!! Im truly amazed and beyond grateful!!! Blessings to you all and Happy Holidays I know mine will be so much better having my healthy wonderful boyfriend back home!! Im looking forward to hearing about his experience and am expecting to hear nothing but great things and will make sure to stop by again and let you know! Take care Team! Please share this with your staff I believe they need to know their kindness is not over looked! The tone in your voice and the smile while you talk shines bright through the phones!
- Tiffany T.

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