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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is an integral part of addiction treatment and offers a solution-aimed approach to treating substance abuse. In detox, guests meet with a primary therapist, assigned to them upon admission to Royal Life Centers at the Haven.

During these one-on-one sessions, our addiction therapists help guests create an individual service plan (ISP). This personalized therapy regimen identifies areas in the guest’s life that they would like to change, improve, or build on. This custom-tailored approach to therapy helps guests overcome unique personal obstacles as well as other underlying issues.

Individual Therapy

What Is Individual Therapy?

In general, individual therapy is a common format of the therapeutic process that focuses on the individual’s mental and emotional well-being. This type of therapy is typically conducted by a trained counselor or licensed therapist in an individual setting, allowing the client to focus their attention completely on the task at hand. 

Individual therapy is an integral treatment service offered in most rehabilitation programs to help individuals with addiction to drugs or alcohol. It provides an opportunity for the recovering person to talk one-on-one with a therapist or counselor about their thoughts, emotions, and experiences related to their substance use disorder. 

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How Does Individual Therapy Work?

Drug and alcohol rehabs offer individual sessions with trained professionals who work with individuals to help them heal from addiction. At the start of treatment, individual therapists assess a guest’s needs and develop an individualized treatment plan specific to those needs.

Therapists will work with each guest to identify triggers that may lead to negative behaviors or impulsive decisions. Through this process, individuals can gain insight into their problem areas and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult situations in the future.

How Does Individual Therapy Help in Recovery?

Offered as a form of counseling or psychotherapy, individual therapy provides a safe, comforting environment that provides one-on-one support and guidance as guests identify and process a wide variety of issues.

Individual therapy can assist in the treatment of substance abuse in many ways including:

Depending on the guest, a therapist may focus solely on substance abuse issues or they may provide care for co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. 

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Individual Therapy for Addiction and Mental Health

Substance use disorders often co-occur with mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Our holistic approach targeting mind, body, and spirit, helps to address these issues. To address these issues, guests can work with therapists who are experienced and specialize in treating and working with the full scope of substance use disorders and mental health issues. 

Also known as dual diagnosis treatment, this specialized form of care targets symptoms of addiction and co-occurring disorders at the same time. In general, dual-diagnosis treatment incorporates evidence-based psychotherapy, group therapy, medication management, and other evidence-based therapies such as mindfulness. 

As a result, you can experience relief from both disorders while gaining insights into how your mental health and substance abuse interact and affect one another. This knowledge can help you create a better plan for making healthier, sobriety-oriented decisions in the future. Therapists trained in dual diagnosis treatment also have the skills and resources to help you recognize triggers that could lead to a relapse. You can then practice coping strategies and tools to manage and/or avoid high-risk triggers during treatment.

What To Expect During Individual Therapy in Rehab?

During the process of individual therapy, counselors focus on helping you strengthen self-awareness and understanding by exploring your inner thoughts and experiences in order to gain insight into yourself. Following this, they provide adaptable strategies to work through and address the root of your substance abuse. Addiction counselors also provide a safe space to work through current situations, develop skills for problem-solving, and build healthy coping strategies.

To help you heal during treatment, individual therapy sessions incorporate treatment practices from evidence-based therapies such as:

During individual therapy, therapists strive to create an environment where you feel comfortable and safe exploring any issues that arise in treatment. Throughout each session, addiction treatment counselors focus on helping you strengthen self-awareness and understanding by exploring your inner thoughts and experiences in order to gain insight into yourself. 

Individual therapy also provides adaptable strategies to work through and address the root of your substance abuse. Depending on your unique needs, your therapist can help you work through current situations, develop skills for problem-solving, and build healthy coping strategies.

Benefits of Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a staple in addiction treatment because of its many benefits for a wide range of disorders. Every person is different and requires a unique treatment plan, which is why one-on-one counseling has such positive results. 

Individual talk therapy is proven to be effective in helping individuals work through their substance abuse and mental health challenges. While participating in individual therapy, individuals are able to work with other licensed and experienced professionals to develop an individualized plan of therapy that meets their unique needs. In doing so, they can accept their limitations, confront their fears, define their values, develop strategies to combat environmental pressures, and develop a mindset that focuses on finding opportunities instead of challenges.

During drug and alochol rehab, individual therapists can also help rebuild relationships between families and couples while helping them navigate the challenges associated with addiction and mental health issues. Family integration services are immensely beneficial for recovery because they ensure that individuals can receive support from those closest to them during and after treatment.

Individual Therapy at Royal Life Centers

Royal Life Centers at The Haven operates on a biopsychosocial-spiritual model, meaning that we believe treatment is far more than one set of applicable treatment tracks. That is why we incorporate a wide range of therapies to help guests gain a better understanding of themselves and their substance use disorder. Additionally, guests will focus on healthy coping mechanisms, self-worth, and relationship skills.

As guests participate in medical detox, they begin their time in individual and group therapy sessions. As they make progress in therapy sessions, building a trusting relationship with their therapist, they begin to heal and rebuild. This self-growth allows for the development of new skills and a better sense of what life areas need improvement.

After completing detox at The Haven, guests transition into our 14-day residential inpatient portion of treatment. There they will have the opportunity to continue nurturing the self-discovery they’ve begun cultivating in individual therapy during detox.

Individual Therapy In Washington State

Royal Life Centers recognizes that recovery looks different for everyone and that every journey is unique. We are here to provide the resources and guidance you need to heal from addiction. With our one-on-one addiction therapy services, you will have the opportunity to learn new tools and build on your strengths to not only maintain sobriety but begin leading a life of purpose and meaning. 

As you embark on the journey to recovery, our team of dedicated counselors will walk beside you every step of the way. Together we can create an individualized plan that is tailored to your needs and goals for recovery. If you or a loved one has a substance use disorder and want to learn more about how individual therapy can help, please reach out to us at any time. To speak with our 24/7 admissions team, you can call 888-568-5998 or fill out a secure contact form.

Looking for Individual Therapy in Rehab?

If you or someone who cares about struggles with addiction, please reach out to learn more about our individual therapy services. We work with most private insurance policies and we have affordable self-pay rates if you do not have insurance. Give us a call and we will figure out the best treatment plan for you or your loved one.
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