Medical Detox

At Royal Life Centers at The Haven, we understand the degree of difficulty involved to overcome a substance use disorder. We also know that support is needed when confronting these new life-changing experiences. That support starts here. Detox is a crucial first step to overcoming substance use disorders, and we provide the best support possible throughout this process. Because We Care.

Our approach to detox and treatment uses evidence-based methods, including medication-assisted detox. Guests who move on to our residential programs work closely with therapists to address the roots of their substance use disorder. Such exploratory work is possible only after treating an individual’s acute detox needs.

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is not easy. Without professional assistance, those overcoming a substance use disorder may experience severe flu-like symptoms and even death.

"Royal Life Centers at the Haven understands that the motivations behind substance use disorders vary and touch on genetics, as well as mental health issues of all kinds."

Detox is important for those with a substance use disorder. A medically-assisted detox program helps guests to distance themselves from exposure to drugs and alcohol.

Other services include individual and group therapy; case management consultation; comfort medication, as deemed appropriate by physicians and the treatment team; and chef-prepared meals. Our facility employs expert medical personnel who work on site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our priority is to provide the highest grade of support to each guest as they enter the early stages of recovery. We practice our motto, Because We Care, in every aspect of the detox process.

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