Medical Detox

At Royal Life Centers at The Haven, we understand the degree of difficulty involved to overcome a substance use disorder. We also know that support is needed when confronting these new life-changing experiences. That support starts here. Detox is a crucial first step to overcoming substance use disorders, and we provide the best support possible throughout this process. “Because We Care.”

Our approach to detox and treatment uses evidence-based methods, including medication-assisted detox. Guests who move on to our residential programs work closely with therapists to address the roots of their substance use disorder. Such exploratory work is possible only after treating an individual’s acute detox needs.

Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is not easy. Without professional assistance, those overcoming a substance use disorder may experience severe flu-like symptoms and even death.

Detox Services at The Haven

Detox is the quickest part of the recovery process, but it’s also the most important. Our slogan, Because We Care, is apparent throughout our treatment process during the early stages of recovery. This is because we know that it can be incredibly challenging for our new guests as they take the initial step toward a new life of sobriety. As our team of medical professionals ushers each guest through detox, a vast range of emotions will surface. Our staff members are aware of the special needs of persons in early recovery and treat each visitor with dignity and respect. We recognize that detox is only the beginning of a long journey, and our purpose is to assist guests in getting started.

What Happens During Detox?

A medical assessment is the initial part of the admission procedure, and it is performed on each guest when they enter detox. We place the utmost priority on proper symptom monitoring and management throughout a guest’s stay. To guarantee optimal comfort, we use medication-assisted detox as necessary. We make this as painless as possible so that our clients are fully prepared for the next stage of their therapy. Depending on the substances in your system, the length of use, and amount used, our team of medical professionals will collaborate to create your treatment plan. Within your treatment plan, you will experience safe, compassionate care by our experienced team of doctors, nurses, and behavioral health technicians as your body is cleared of all toxins.

Medical Detox

At our medical detox facility, we offer a full 8-day medical detox which is determined on a case-by-case basis. Depending on individual needs, we offer both comfort medications and medical tapers using medical-assisted detox. Our goal is to make the detox process as safe and as comfortable as possible for our guests. Our guests in Royal Life Centers at The Haven detox are monitored 24/7 by medical professionals because medical supervision is imperative to ensure guests’ safety during the detox process. Medical professionals are available to guests at all times, to effectively address an individual guest’s needs.

Observation Period

Guests who do not require medically-assisted detoxification are ushered into a 4-day observational period. During the observational period, guests are closely monitored to ensure their safety as their bodies are cleansed of toxins. Our team of nurses and medical professionals provide around-the-clock care, performing 15-mintue wellness checks. Additionally, guests can reach out to any of our staff members with questions, concerns, or companionship during detox. Also, guests undergoing observation are provided comfort medications to lower their discomfort, manage any negative side effects, and assist in sleep and relaxation. However, the medications provided during the observation period are not a medical taper.

Services Provided During Detox

Our holistic detox approach efficiently treats both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms associated with substance detox. Guests begin working with a primary therapist and a case manager as soon as they enter treatment, as well as medical and nursing care. Many of our employees have gone through the recovery process, making them valuable resources for our visitors and instilling hope at a vulnerable time in their recovery.

Alongside our medical team, therapists and case managers assist our guests with a wide range of concerns, including family, housing, and legal issues. Our talented chef makes three meals every day, and our kitchen is supplied with snacks and beverages with around-the-clock access. Additionally, we provide a variety of activities, spacious guest suites, and monitored outside spaces where guests may enjoy the fresh air and stunning Pacific Northwest vistas.

We have medical personnel on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our clinical team is on-site seven days a week. Although we staff the finest medical professionals, we are proud to practice within a facility that does not reflect the cold and sterile environment found in a typical hospital. Royal Life Centers at the Haven Detox, on the other hand, offers an intimate atmosphere with a focus on individualized care.

On another note, our guests relatives can receive regular updates on their loved ones’ treatment progress if they sign a release. No matter how delicate the circumstance, the staff strives to maintain an open channel of communication between the two. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you or a loved one has any queries about our medical detox program.

"Royal life centers at the haven understands that the motivations behind substance use disorders vary and touch on genetics, as well as mental health issues of all kinds."

Detox is important for those with a substance use disorder. A medically-assisted detox program helps guests to distance themselves from exposure to drugs and alcohol.

Other services include individual and group therapy; case management consultation; comfort medication, as deemed appropriate by physicians and the treatment team; and chef-prepared meals. Our facility employs expert medical personnel who work on site, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our priority is to provide the highest grade of support to each guest as they enter the early stages of recovery. We practice our motto, Because We Care, in every aspect of the detox process.

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