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How Long Does Meth Stay In Urine?

How Long Does Meth Stay In Urine

People take drug tests for a number of reasons, whether it be for work, school, medical testing, or any other circumstance. One of the most common drug tests used today is urine testing due to its affordability and accessibility. Urine tests can determine whether a person has used drugs, such as meth, recently. If you […]

The Face of Successful Recovery


What Does Recovery Look Like? In the world of substance abuse rehabilitation, the word recovery is not as simply defined as a ‘cure’. Recovery is a lifelong journey toward wellness, toward success, toward health and happiness. For us, recovery means positivity and growth and accepting and adapting to this new life that we have, thankfully, […]

Warning: Pressed Adderall


What is Pill Pressing? The latest innovation in the illegal sale of harmful substances is pill pressing. Lately, dealers have been using this method to mass sell counterfeit Adderall on the street. But what is pill pressing? Easily obtainable online, a pill press is a small hand-held device that can combine unregulated ingredients into a […]