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Am I a Functioning Alcoholic?

functioning alcoholic

Often, a typical portrayal of an alcoholic is someone who always has a drink in hand, has one too many, and their life is crumbling as a result of their maladaptive patterns. While this brings the so-called “functioning alcoholic” comfort, those with drinking problems don’t always follow the typical path.Even though many do fall apart […]

Taking Care of All the “Little Things” That Really Matter in Recovery

healthy recovery habits

Making sure that each of our guests at Royal life is attending 12 step meetings and/or receiving the appropriate clinical help (including talk therapy and psychiatric help) is essential. However, other overlooked things are just as important to staying sober and recovering. These are the “small things”, things people often overlook in their level of […]

The Face of Successful Recovery


What Does Recovery Look Like? In the world of substance abuse rehabilitation, the word recovery is not as simply defined as a ‘cure’. Recovery is a lifelong journey toward wellness, toward success, toward health and happiness. For us, recovery means positivity and growth and accepting and adapting to this new life that we have, thankfully, […]

Warning: Pressed Adderall


What is Pill Pressing? The latest innovation in the illegal sale of harmful substances is pill pressing. Lately, dealers have been using this method to mass sell counterfeit Adderall on the street. But what is pill pressing? Easily obtainable online, a pill press is a small hand-held device that can combine unregulated ingredients into a […]

Giving Back with Elliot Bags

elliot bags - community involvement - elliot b. - royal life centers at the haven - royal life centers - community service - scholarships

Royal Life Centers understands the importance of giving back to the various communities we are a part of, which is why we strongly encourage guest and staff participation in our community-centered activities. At all Royal Life Centers locations, both guests who want to volunteer and guests who need community service hours hand out bags, each containing […]

5 Ways to Avoid a Relapse

A short while after completing treatment, the recovering addict may sometimes wonder if he will ever again have fun. The healthy euphoria that new recovery brings into a person’s life, post-rehab, is sometimes called a pink cloud. After a while, however, the pink clouds of early sobriety may part, and those who are not working […]

The Dangers of IV Drug Use

Sometimes intravenous drug users will incur diseases of the blood by way of sharing syringes, or even by reusing their own. In fact, intravenous drug users make up 50 to 90 percent of all viral infections, according to the Center for Infectious Disease Research, which has little to do with the drug itself so much […]

Drug Detox as a Precursor to Residential Treatment

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In many ways, choosing a detox center can be the most important step you take towards starting your journey into recovery. Detox facilities are ultimately responsible for not only safely and comfortably weaning you off of your substance (or substances) of choice, it’s secondary role is to utilize its staff in order to make informed […]