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Drug Detox as a Precursor to Residential Treatment

In many ways, choosing a detox center can be the most important step you take towards starting your journey into recovery. Detox facilities are ultimately responsible for not only safely and comfortably weaning you off of your substance (or substances) of choice, it’s secondary role is to utilize its staff in order to make informed recommendations on the rest of your path in sobriety – starting with which residential inpatient facility you will end up being under the care of. That being said, it’s important to note that Royal Life centers at the Haven detox is affiliated with a premier residential treatment center that it owns directly: Royal Life Centers at Puget Sound. Puget Sound offers guests a therapeutic retreat from the hamster wheel of addiction and gives clients the chance to heal, learn and grow.

While there is nobody that can force someone into treatment beyond detox, it has been proven that detox only does not aid as well in long term sobriety as residential or continued treatment. According to the Recovery Village, a higher percentage of clients stay sober after five years once they’ve completed inpatient treatment as opposed to merely completing detox. We firmly believe that detox is the first and most essential step to getting sober, but the journey can’t end there in order to give yourself or your loved one the best fighting chance at staying sober. That being said, it’s important to note the essential facets of detox as a precursor to residential treatment:

Detox eases the most dangerous withdrawal symptom outside of death: the physical need to get high or drunk again. Medications provide a relief to the very aspect of what makes substance use disorder unique in it’s disease: the obsession. These medications are used to satisfy the overwhelming cravings one can experience when going through withdrawal, therefore giving them the chance to recover and not drink or use again.

Detox provides the much needed separation from people, places and things that can allow a client to even entertain the idea of going to inpatient treatment. Often, “in the mix” of it all, a person with substance use disorder is less likely to make rational decisions. Detox allows individuals a safe place to separate themselves from the chaos of their lives and therefore make more logical decisions and often for the first time, take a deep, introspective look into their past choices and what they can do to change their future. Royal Life Centers at The Haven understands this process can bring up a lot of negative emotions, and it is for that reason that we employ an expert and caring staff of supportive and experienced employees. Clients are never left to feel alone in their newfound emotions.

Oftentimes, people with substance use disorder are not so gracious on their bodies and their health. One of the first things you do in detox is meet with a medical professional who runs a series a tests to determine if any additional medical care beyond detox is required. This type of attention can be life saving. For many, detox is the first time in a long period of time that they’ve not only had a home cooked, nutritious meal but received any type of medical care whatsoever. It is here that we can begin to treat underlying issues that may be triggers for drug and alcohol use – both mental and physical.

We hope that when deciding to start this journey, either as or for a loved one, that detox is the first step in a series of steps to helping regain a healthy and productive life. We specifically employ individuals who have been through what our clients are going to go through, to show them that at no point in their journey are they ever alone. If you have questions about Royal Life Centers at the Haven’s detox program, or our residential program at Puget Sound, please contact us today. We are happy to answer and and all questions you may have and look forward to helping you, a family member or a friend start this new chapter of their life. Royal Life Centers admissions staff is available 24/7 at (877)-RECOVERY.

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