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What is the Best Rehab Program for Drug Addiction?

Drug Addiction

Substance Use Disorder is a compulsive or uncontrollable drug seeking and using behavior. Drug addiction is a chronic disease, and the affected will continue drug seeking and using behavior despite consequences. Effects of long term drug abuse goes beyond health concerns, the substance abuser actually changes the way their brain functions.

What Steps Should You Take?

When facing the treatment of drug addiction, you should first look for a rehab program that offers detox treatments. A medical detox is the very first step of recovery. Drug and alcohol abuse requires a detoxification process to safely remove the toxins from your body.

First, look for detox programs that provide medical professionals to tend to you or your loved one’s withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox treatment facilities are the safest environment to do a drug detox in, because the guest is under medical supervision at all times. A detox center offers safety and security during what can be a very dangerous withdrawal process. Royal Life Centers at The Haven is Washington state’s premier drug and alcohol detox center. Simply searching for a ‘detox center near me’ will not ensure that the results will yield the right detox services for you, please consider these factors below in your decision-making process:

What is the Best Rehab Program for Drug Addiction?

When looking for addiction treatment, you should look into treatment centers that use evidence based treatment. Treatment services should include comprehensive mental health and behavioral health support and education, because drug addiction affects behavior and brain functioning. Addiction treatment requires delving into much more than just a guest’s alcohol or drug use, the treatment process should include a wide range of therapies to identify the root cause of substance use disorder.

Mental Health

As described by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment should address other possible mental disorders. Royal Life Centers at The Haven puts mental health as a priority. Necessary medication for mental health, along with behavioral therapies, are important for the overall health of our guests. Addiction treatment should focus on medical, mental and behavioral health for the overall care of guests.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral therapy at Royal Life Centers help guests shift their harmful attitudes and behaviors surrounding drug use, increase healthy behaviors and life skills, and offer other treatment alongside therapy- like medications to treat any co-occuring disorders (like anxiety and depression).

Successful Treatment

Successful treatment follows several steps of the recovery process. A journey to recovery should include: medical detox, behavioral counseling, evaluation and treatment of co-occuring disorders, medication (if necessary), therapy, and relapse prevention. Access to medical professionals should be available at all times. Case management is also important to meet the needs of all of our guests, which is why each guest has an appointed case manager.

Our Treatment Philosophy

At Royal Life Centers, we take an integrative approach to recovery by treating the mind, body, and spirit.

Royal Life Centers at The Haven, along with all of our facilities, has psychiatric care providers to tend to our guest’s mental health. We are able to provide medication to treat any co-occuring disorders and other mental health concerns. Addiction effects the physical body, as well as having a mental and behavioral impact. At Royal Life Centers, our staff is extremely experienced in addiction treatment. Our team does not believe that one size fits all, that’s why we tailor treatment plans and options on an individual basis.

“The best treatment programs provide a combination of therapies and other services to meet the needs of the individual patient”-The National Institute on Drug Abuse

Treatment Options

Here at Royal Life Centers at The Haven, we offer a unique range of therapies that coincide with medical detoxification. Royal Life Centers offers a wide range of addiction treatment services. For our guests, we always recommend attending treatment after their medical detoxification to greatly strengthen personal recovery. Further treatment services will give guests support, access to medical professionals, and guidance from addiction professionals through out their recovery process.

Royal Life Centers offers medical detox services, residential inpatient programs, PHP or partial hospitalization programs, IOP or intensive outpatient programs, outpatient programs, and sober living.

For more information on each service that we can provide for you or a loved one, please reach out to one of our addiction specialists by calling (877)-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837. You can also visit our website for a list of locations or list of services.

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