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Is Kombucha Okay to Drink in Recovery?

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Drinking kombucha in recovery is somewhat of a gray area decision, because of the alcohol content versus the health benefits. Many substances exist that sit somewhere along the line that separates what’s “okay” or what’s “not okay” for someone to use in addiction recovery. These substances include: kratom, kava, Khat, gabapentin (prescription medication), other “technically […]

Addiction Treatment: Common Co-Occuring Disorders

co-occuring disorders - dual diagnosis - co-occuring - mental disorders - mental health disorders

It is common for guests with a substance use disorder to also be suffering from a co-occuring disorder. At Royal Life Centers at the Haven, we are experienced in treating guests who suffer with a dual diagnosis. Upon arrival to our facilities, each guest will undergo an assessment for their symptoms and evaluation for any […]

10 Tips for Meditation in a Drug Rehabilitation Center

meditating - meditation - meditating in rehab - rehab programs that have meditation

Meditating is powerful, as it promotes mindfulness and an overall improved well-being. In recovery from addiction, we ask our guests to replace their bad habits with healthy ones— like meditation. It can seem hard to find your “happy place” or a zen state-of-mind if you are in a drug rehab treatment facility, however, meditation can […]

How Long Does It Take to Recover From an Alcohol Addiction?

alcohol addiction - alcoholic - alcoholism - get help today- alcohol detox

Have you ever wondered, “How long does it take to recover from an alcohol addiction?” If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with the same question, and it can be difficult to answer. Recovery from substance use disorder is a long process that requires patience and dedication. It is important to remember that everyone’s […]

How To Improve Blood Circulation in Medical Detox

The human body has roughly 60,000 miles of blood vessels within it. These blood vessels, in combination with your heart and other muscles comprise the circulatory system of the body. When circulation is poor, it blocks the blood from flowing freely through the body, inhibiting cells from getting the oxygen and nutrients they need. What […]

How To Change Your Mindset When Recovering from Substance Use Disorder

The Power of Positive Thinking The power of thinking positively makes an overwhelming difference. Practicing to see the positive aspects in each situation gives you a feeling of gratitude rather than focusing on the negatives and feeling sad. If you want to change your mindset when recovering from substance use disorder, it could be much […]

How To Grow Your Spiritual Connection in a Drug Rehab Center

Royal Life Centers at The Haven uses a holistic approach when treating addiction. We seek to strengthen the connections between mind, body, and spirit to give our guests a full recovery. Often times, spirituality is left out of the recovery process— which leaves a guests with a void that spiritual wellness brings. Royal Life Centers […]

Does Acupuncture Help Cure Addiction?

What is Acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of inserting needles into the skin to hit pressure points, thought to relieve physical and mental ailments. Acupuncture is based upon the belief that stimulating certain points in the human body can improve the flow of Qi or life energy. Acupuncture supposedly clears the blockages caused […]

What is Rock Bottom?

“Rock bottom” refers to the low place of addiction that each person reaches before reaching out for help. People have different circumstances and behaviors that could be considered their personal rock bottom. Hitting rock bottom is when alcohol addiction and drug abuse bring a user to their worst place, often being an overwhelming low that […]

The Definition of Recovery

recovery - what does 'in recovery' mean? - addiction recovery - recovery - living recovery

re·cov·er·y /rəˈkəv(ə)rē/ noun 1. a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. 2.the action or process of regaining possession or control of something stolen or lost. The dictionary defines recovery to mean a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength; also defining recovery as the action or process of […]