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5 Reasons to Consider Drug Rehab

The road to sobriety comes with a unique set of circumstances, and making the decision to begin drug rehab may be an easy one or a difficult one, depending on a number of factors, including where you are mentally, the substances you are using, and your using habits. Drug rehab is your first step in recovery, and there are several reasons to consider it.

Quitting on your own can be dangerous

Attempting to detox on your own from certain substances, like heroin and alcohol, can be dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms may be severe and require medical attention and supervision. A certified and accredited medical detox center is able to provide this needed care.

Aside from the physical dangers of attempting detox on your own, there are mental dangers; without a closed, monitored environment, you may be unable to resist going out again. You can’t make progress if you can’t remove temptation by putting up needed safeguards.

You don’t have to hit rock bottom to get sober

In the addiction community, “rock bottom” is a term commonly tossed around to denote when someone with a substance use disorder reaches their lowest point in active addiction. Some people believe that in order to get sober, you have to hit bottom first. In reality, there is no point that you must wait to reach before you can seek help for a substance addiction.

Don’t let clichés or stigma discourage or mislead you: any time is a good time to seek help for substance abuse and get the treatment that you need.

Your loved ones have expressed concern

No one knows you better than you do, but your loved ones do know you well. If family members or friends have told you that your behavior worries them or that they think you should seek treatment, you may want to seriously consider drug rehab. Understand that when people who care about you point out your drug or alcohol use or behavioral issues it is because they are concerned for your health and safety.

You have another mental health disorder

There are various mental health disorders that may occur in conjunction with substance use disorder. People who have an addiction often experience depression, anxiety, and/or PTSD, as well, and these co-occurring disorders are often linked to underlying causes of substance abuse. Quality drug rehab centers will provide therapy and dual diagnosis services to help guests to uncover some of the reasons for their drug/alcohol dependence. Without treatment, disorders such as depression can feed into addiction, and vice versa.

Depending on the rehabilitation center, therapists may be able to prescribe medications and/or create a continuing care plan for guests to follow upon leaving detox. At Royal Life Centers at the Haven, our addiction therapists work closely with guests to create an Individual Service Plan that is customized to fit their needs and goals. Our guests also follow a carefully structured medical regimen while in our care.

Your life has become unmanageable

A common saying in the addiction community is that people who seek treatment are “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease, and without treatment, it traps you in its cycle. When addiction becomes too much and has taken over, it’s time to seek help. You’ll know when things have gotten unmanageable and when you need outside support.

If you are ready to begin recovery, we hope you’ll make detox at Royal Life Centers at the Haven your first step. We understand addiction, its co-occurring disorders, and a variety of treatment approaches and treat dependence on cocaine, benzodiazepines, alcohol, methamphetamine, and opioids. Please reach out to us at (877)-RECOVERY for help or with any questions that you have about our programs.

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