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What Do Crack Pipes Look Like?

Crack Pipe

As cocaine abuse rates continue to increase across the U.S., many concerned loved ones of those struggling with addiction have begun to ask themselves the question, “What does a crack pipe look like?” Crack is a very dangerous drug, especially when it is being abused. When it comes to recognizing signs of cocaine abuse in […]

Is Cocaine a Stimulant or Depressant?

Is Cocaine a Stimulant or Depressant

As cocaine continues to grow in popularity, many people find themselves asking the question of whether this drug is a stimulant or a depressant. This is because of the differing effects this drug can have depending on how it is used and the person who is taking it. Understanding exactly what cocaine is and how […]

7 Tips for Holiday Stress Management

Holiday Stress Management

Although the holidays can bring lots of fun, festivity, and warmth to our lives, things are not always merry and bright this time of year. For many people, the stress of the holidays can be too much to handle on their own. If what is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year […]

What is Alcohol-Induced Psychosis?

Alcohol Induced Psychosis

While drinking alcohol is a common aspect of American culture, many people are unaware of the risks this substance can have for their emotional and physical well-being. One of these risks is the possibility of developing alcohol-induced psychosis symptoms. Although this is considered to be a rare risk when consuming this substance, it is nonetheless […]