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6 Ways Alcohol Rehab in Washington State Can Improve Your Life

If you are looking for alcohol rehab in Washington State, this blog is a great place to start your search. The Haven Detox at Royal Life Centers offers a safe and supportive environment to begin your recovery from alcohol addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Our custom and comprehensive treatment programs at our rehab center in Washington give you the support you need to get your life back on track. If you are ready to start your recovery from alcohol or drug abuse, reach out to us today. We can help you discover recovery options to end substance abuse and mental health disorders once and for all.

What Is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem that many people struggle with. It is characterized by a pattern of drinking that is unhealthy and interferes with your daily life. This can include drinking too much alcohol at one time (binge drinking) or drinking too often throughout the week. Alcoholic drinks include beer, wine, and liquor such as vodka, rum, and whiskey.

Anyone can abuse alcohol, and most will at least try drinking it at some point in their life. However, repeating patterns of this behavior can suggest a bigger problem. When someone struggles with chronic alcohol abuse, this can develop into an addiction.

This issue is diagnosed by using a certain set of criteria established by the DSM-5. Some of the biggest indicators of an alcohol use disorder include:

  • Drinking more, or longer, than you intended.
  • More than once wanted to reduce or stop drinking but were unsuccessful.
  • Spending large amounts of time drinking or recovering from alcohol.
  • Continuing to drink despite this worsening pre-existing health conditions or causing new ones.
  • Experiencing cravings, or strong desires to use alcohol, when not actively drinking.
  • Developing withdrawal symptoms when reducing or stopping alcohol use.

According to the 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), alcohol abuse is a prevalent issue throughout the country. As per their most recent study, 29.5 million individuals ages 12 and older had AUD in the past year.

In our effort to combat these numbers, Royal Life Centers offers comprehensive alcohol detox and withdrawal treatment. Our private alcohol rehab in Washington State offers you the security and comfort you need to achieve long-term recovery.

How Can I Tell That a Loved One Is Abusing Alcohol?

Having a loved one who is struggling with alcohol abuse can be a difficult experience. It is important to know how to recognize the signs of AUD in your loved ones. Knowing what to look out for can help you get them the treatment they need.

There are several behavioral changes you can look out for that may suggest your loved one is abusing alcohol, including:

  • Increased focus on alcohol: They seem to need alcohol to cope with stress, or they focus on situations where they can drink.
  • Changes in personality: They become more withdrawn or irritable when drinking, or their personality changes under the influence.
  • Neglecting responsibilities: Work, hobbies, relationships, or personal care fall short in favor of drinking.
  • Lying or hiding: They hide how much they drink or lie about their drinking habits.
  • Risky behavior: Driving under the influence, engaging in dangerous situations while intoxicated, or making impulsive decisions.

It is important to remember that not everyone with an alcohol problem will exhibit these signs. If you notice several of these changes in a loved one, it could be a cause for concern. If you think your loved one may be struggling, we are here to help.

Alcohol Rehab in Lacey, WA: How It Works

Our Lacey, WA rehab offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction treatment. Your treatment process may begin by participating in a medical detoxification program. This helps manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol for those with a physical dependence.

Once your system has been completely flushed of alcohol, you will move on to the next steps in treatment. This may include inpatient or outpatient rehab, depending on your specific needs. Rehab focuses on helping you develop the skills and strategies to maintain sobriety. This may include:

  • Therapy: Therapy sessions address the underlying causes of your addiction. This allows you to develop coping mechanisms and self-sustaining skills.
  • Education: This involves learning about addiction and its impact on your physical and mental health. You will learn essential life and relapse prevention skills.
  • Support groups: You will connect with others who are going through similar experiences. This can provide encouragement and accountability throughout recovery.
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle: Regular exercise, healthy eating, and stress management techniques can all contribute to a strong foundation in recovery.

At Royal Life Centers, we understand that recovery is a lifelong commitment. That is why we strive to help our guests every step of the way. We offer several aftercare options to provide our guests with continuing support and resources.

Reach Out for Help With Alcohol Addiction

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6 Ways Alcohol Rehab in Washington State Can Improve Your Life

When it comes to finding alcohol treatment centers, Washington State offers a diverse array of rehab options. At Royal Life Centers in Lacey, WA, we dedicate ourselves to our guests. Our goal is to help prevent alcohol abuse and assist you in improving your life through attaining sobriety and learning how to live again.

Here are 6 ways that alcohol rehab can help improve your life:

  • Improved Mental Health: Alcohol abuse can worsen or lead to new mental health issues. Rehab often offers therapies and support to help you address these problems and develop healthy coping mechanisms for them.
  • Improved Physical Health: Rehab can help you detox and address any health problems caused by alcohol abuse. This can lead to better health, including improved liver function, better sleep, and more energy.
  • Better Relationships: Alcohol abuse can damage relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. Rehab can help you learn healthier coping mechanisms and rebuild trust with loved ones.
  • Increased productivity: When you’re not struggling with alcohol dependence, you’re better able to focus on work, school, and other responsibilities.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: Alcohol is often used to cope with stress and anxiety, but it can make these problems worse. Rehab can teach you healthier ways to manage these emotions.
  • Greater sense of well-being: Rehab can help you develop a more positive outlook on life and improve your self-esteem.


How Can I Get Someone into a Washington State Rehab Center?

Getting someone into rehab can be a challenging but rewarding process. The first thing you should do when trying to get a loved one into rehab is educate yourself. Learn more about addiction and treatment options. This will help you approach the situation with knowledge and empathy.

You may also want to consider holding an intervention. This is a structured meeting where loved ones express concern and encourage the person to seek treatment. Involving a professional interventionist for guidance can help make this process easier. A treatment facility can help you organize help for a loved one including finding the right interventionist.

It can help to look for rehab centers that specialize in the person’s specific needs ahead of time. Consider factors like location, treatment approach, cost, and insurance coverage. Royal Life Centers offers free consultations to answer all your treatment questions.

Finally, it is important to approach your loved one with love and concern, not blame. Focus on how their addiction is affecting you and others. Be prepared to listen and offer support, but don’t pressure them into a decision. We are one of the addiction treatment centers offering family therapy, so you can be involved in your loved one’s recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Royal Life

From detox and inpatient treatment to aftercare and sober living, The Haven at Royal Life Centers offers the levels of care you need to achieve long-term recovery. We offer inpatient drug and alcohol treatment along with our outpatient programs for drug and alcohol rehab. Our goal is to help our guests achieve the best life they can by using individualized treatment plans. If you are ready to begin your recovery journey, we are here to help.

Not all alcohol and drug rehabs are the same. Our alcohol and drug addiction resources for treatment in Washington can help anyone get sober. Our dedicated admissions team at our rehab facility is available 24/7 to help you understand your treatment options for substance abuse and get you started. Reach out now and we will help you take the first steps to a happier, healthier life free from drug or alcohol addiction.

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