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What is it like to go to an addiction support group?

Creating a Plan for Lasting Recovery

After attending our detox center to restore your physical health under medical supervision, we will focus on your mental health as it relates to addiction recovery. In our treatment programs, our staff works with each guest to create a treatment plan best suited for each individual. Addiction support groups are always part of a smart recovery. Being around others who can relate to your substance abuse is key in the best treatment programs. Relatability is reached in the residential programs we maintain in various levels of care.

Addiction Support Group Setting

Addiction support groups are led by experienced professionals, and guests benefit greatly from the safe, judgement-free space created. Group meetings foster genuine peer support that you just can’t receive from online support groups or online communities. At Royal Life Centers, we include support groups to create a safe and supportive place to talk about your drug addiction. We will teach you or your loved one how to achieve long term recovery and we educate guests on how to best get lasting recovery with the use of therapy. We offer group therapy, individual therapy, adventure therapy, activity therapy and equine therapy. Our addiction support groups are considered group therapy; guests are able to talk about their substance abuse and feelings openly, while other guests are able to vocalize how they relate, to create an honest and supportive environment.

Maintaining Sobriety

We set up you or your loved one with tools to have a successful recovery. We support our guests on their journey to recovery, teaching them how to maintain sobriety outside of a treatment setting. We create opportunities to teach you how to thrive in recovery with an introduction to 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) and Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.). At Royal Life Centers, we also carry the knowledge on a myriad of different addiction support groups that take place outside of treatment, both for our guests and their families. We hold information on all types of addiction support groups, helping you find which one will best fit each individual guest, exploring avenues of recovery that fit into you or your loved one’s life for lasting recovery.

Addiction Support Groups and Co-Occuring Disorders

At Royal Life Centers, we are well-versed in recovery from all harmful substances and behaviors. Because we treat many dual-addicted guests, and/or those with co-occuring disorders, we are experts in expanding our guest’s scope of what recovery looks like for them. 12-step (i.e. Gamblers Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Eating Disorders Anonymous, etc.) addiction support groups are also extremely helpful for those with co-occuring conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Other Types of Addiction Support Groups

At Royal Life Centers, we are experts of recovery; we know about many different approaches to support lifelong sobriety. We have the knowledge about a variety of support group models that we educate our guests on, dependent on their individual needs and what will work best for them. Beside the traditional 12-step groups, there is the SMART recovery model. SMART recovery stands for self-management and recovery training. Condition management and recovery training is vital to create long time sobriety. Other addiction support groups include SOS (Secular Organization for Sobriety), WFS (Women For Sobriety), Celebrate Recovery (A Christian-based faith support group), and JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons and Significant Others.

Our Addiction Support Groups

In addition to the education of resources available to our guests, we focus on creating supportive environments for our patients during treatment. At Royal Life Centers, we facilitate our own addiction support groups that rely on group participation, peer support, and topic-lead discussions that touch on a variety of significant issues faced in early sobriety. During our addiction support groups, we create an open dialogue for patients to get valuable feedback from both the group facilitator and their peers. Some topics of discussion in addiction support groups are feelings of hopelessness, craving, finding a higher power, how to have fun in sobriety, the dangers and warning signs of relapse, and relapse prevention. The group therapy model that is the foundation for our addiction support groups, is extremely beneficial for emotional support and a sense of accountability.

12-Step Programs

12-Step Groups are any groups based upon a form of the 12 steps. There are 12-Step groups called “meetings” outside of Royal Life Centers. 12-Step meetings are available to those in recovery, globally. You can attend meetings for all types of 12-step programs, all around the world at any given time. At Royal Life Centers, we have the knowledge about all avenues of recovery, to set you or your loved one up for success. These steps are essentially guides to a course of action for recovery from addiction, behavioral patterns, and compulsion. Men and women looking for sobriety long term, must familiarize themselves with a program that extends beyond their stay at Royal Life Centers. At Royal Life Centers, we encourage guests to work a program of recovery into their lives, and also surround themselves with others who have recovered from drug and alcohol addiction.

Royal Life Centers believes in supporting our guests to ultimately attain long term recovery. We treat our guests with an approach that stabilizes the mind, body, and spirit. Focusing on the foundational principle of recovery in all aspects, we pride ourselves on excellent care at in all degrees of  treatment. Addiction support groups are available in each level of care that we offer. Royal Life Centers offers medical detoxing, residential treatment, intensive outpatient, and outpatient programs. We set our guests up for their success in living a happy, healthy life. For more about our  resources and information regarding the services we offer, please call 1-800-RECOVERY or (877)-732-6837 to speak to our specialists, who are available 24/7.


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