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Alcohol Use Recovery Resurrects Dead Memory Cells

human brain - addicted brain - memory - how to get your memory back - memory stem cells

We now know that the brain is more like Silly Putty than stone. Yes, our brain cells are very much like lightbulbs and when they are browning-out or busted, they are browning-out or busted for life. Unless a person gets focused and motivated enough to enter a recovery program for opioids, alcohol, or overeating, more […]

The Serenity Mantra

the serenity prayer - the serenity mantra - serenity - accept what you cannot change

The Serenity prayer, or serenity mantra is the key to verbally reminding yourself to focus on changing what is in your control, and letting go of what is not. One of the most cherished pieces of advice from self-help groups and rehabs is the Serenity Mantra: “Universe (God), grant me the serenity to accept the […]

Cultivate a Healthy Selfishness

selfishness - healthy selfishness - being selfish in a healthy way - dependency - putting yourself first - separating yourself from others

Selfishness has an undeniable negative connotation. However, there exists a plane of selfishness— a range that includes both healthy actions and unhealthy actions resulting from the concept of being selfish. Sometimes, you must be selfish when it comes to putting yourself and your best interest above others in certain situations; while this is true, selfishness […]

ADHD & Addiction: Why is ADHD missed in Girls & Women?

attention deficit - ADHD - ADD - ADHD misdiagnosis - ADD misdiagnosis - misdiagnosed - dsm - diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders

Attention deficit frequently contributes to a series of random poor decisions which can and often do accelerate the evolution and escalation of addiction, repetitive self-defeating and/or self-destructive behavior. If attention deficit did not predate the use of a gateway drug and drug of choice, it is certainly likely to floridly appear during detoxification and rehabilitation. […]